A Pediatrician’s Message To Parents: Vaccinate Your Children 

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 2, 2021

against COVID-19

In the autumn of this year, it is expected that children aged 5 to 11 will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccination via a federal emergency use authorization.

Parents of young children should make a commitment to having their child immunized as soon as a vaccine is made available, which means now is the time.

A Pediatrician’s Message To Parents: Vaccinate Your Children 

Lauren Gambill, M.D., a pediatrician working in a Texas hospital, has seen firsthand how COVID-19 destroys the lungs of children in a short period of time. In response to the discovery of the delta form, she is now caring for a significantly rising number of children who have been admitted to the hospital with a COVID-19 infection.

A Pediatrician's Message To Parents: Vaccinate Your Children 

She is not advocating. In fact, she is imploring parents to get their small children vaccinated as early as they are eligible, and she does not want to make a political statement.

In the past 18 months, she has been challenged to find solutions to seemingly intractable issues. She has been entrusted with the impossible job of mending unhealable wounds. She has reached the limit of what she can do for our children in her capacity as a doctor, and her own heart as a mother is breaking as a result.

She is unable to assist the 16-year-old who made the decision to end her life following the loss of her mother, the only stable adult in her life from COVID-19 since she lacks the necessary skills.

She will be able to wash the drug out of her system, despite the fact that it did not kill her. She is able to patch the wounds that have occurred over her wrists. However, she is unable to prevent herself from entering the foster care system, and she is powerless to cure her suffering.

And then, when she leaves this room, she will be unable to “treat” the 3-year-old child who lives across the hall from where she is. She had been complaining of stomach pains for many weeks.

When the results of the workup are normal, the explanation is both extremely easy and complex at the same time: she is hungry. Her parents have struggled to maintain a roof over their heads while also attempting to provide for their family’s nutritional needs.

She can provide for him for the time being, but where will she get her next meal? And what about the one after that?

The physical, emotional, and social consequences of COVID-19 on our communities are having an unprecedented effect on an unprecedented number of youngsters.

Evidence indicates that sadness and anxiety are on the rise, and she has seen an increase in drug abuse among teenagers in her therapeutic practice.
The emotional and mental health of children was estimated to be worse than it was before the epidemic by about one-third of parents by late 2020. One-third of individuals who reported income loss earlier this year had children in their families, and one-third of those with children were experiencing food insecurity.

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the death of more than 37,000 children.

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