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Pennsylvania Federal Court Denies Trump’s Request To Block Election Results Certification

The federal court has denied President Donald Trump’s request to block the certifying of Pennsylvania states election results. The legal team of Trump requested for more time to find suitable evidence to support their claims. However, the court did not permit them and criticized them for lack of evidence to support their argument of a fraudulent Election System.

Pennsylvania Federal Court Denies Trump’s Request To Block Election Results Certification

Camping has been trying hard to discredit the election system and accused the election officials of improper ballot counting. However, they have not been able to provide any evidence in most of the cases. In this regard, the courts are seeing this as a measure to postpone the final outcome of the results.

Some Republican leaders are also fed up with this attitude of the Trump campaign and criticized the lawsuits filed by the legal team of Donald Trump as they lack evidence about fraudulent activities during the elections. The federal court in Pennsylvania has now criticized the legal team of Trump and said that they have been playing tricks to extend the process and nothing substantial will come out of the lawsuits.

In their argument submitted to the court, the lawyers of Trump said that two Republican voters claimed that their ballots were rejected for technicalities by the election officials. However, thousands of votes that had similar flaws cast by the democratic supporters were accepted by the election officials according to the claims made by 2 Republican voters. Reacting to the decision of the court, Donald Trump said that the court has not been able to find any remedy to the problem.

On the other hand, the court dismissed the strained legal arguments and speculative occasions that were made without any merit. The court also strongly criticized the efforts made by the Trump campaign to malign the electoral system in the United States.

This decision by the court has shut the door for the Trump campaign to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania. The state had a deadline to certify the election results on Monday and this decision by the court will mean that the democratic party will get 20 electoral votes from this state.

Meanwhile, the Michigan State Canvassing Board is scheduled to vote on certifying the election results on Monday. A similar case was filed in Arizona by the Trump campaign, and the judge dismissed the final case in this regard. Legal experts say that the Trump campaign did not have enough chances of winning the arguments in the court in most of the states. Even though the campaign argued that thousands of ballots have been rejected inappropriately by the election officials, they were not able to support the case with witness affidavits and other sorts of legal evidence.

The Trump campaign had argued that the Pennsylvania election officials had created an unconstitutional voting system and the rules for accepting the ballots by the democratic party supporters were very relaxed completely whereas the rules for in-person voting were enforced strictly. Some of the team members of the legal camp also quit in the middle, and lawyers were replaced by the Trump campaign.

Another complaint from the Republican supporters was that the observers from the Republican party were not allowed close enough to inspect the mail ballot processing in many states. However, the judges did not find any evidence to show that the observers from the democratic party got better access than the ones from the Republican supporters.

The federal court in Pennsylvania said that it has taken serious note of the efforts made by the Trump campaign to discredit the electoral system across the United States. The Trump campaign had asked the federal court to disqualify millions of ballots in Pennsylvania. The court did not even consider some of the versions of the lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign as it would have delayed the case.

Several Legal Experts across the country criticized the Trump campaign for their baseless arguments about the electoral process. The campaign’s allegations did not raise any sort of constitutional questions, and mail voting was completely legal in many states. With these cases not getting any sort of credibility from any source, it appears that the Trump campaign will finally have to concede defeat gracefully and move out of these lawsuits.

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