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People Are Trusting Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Over COVID-19 Vaccines

Lanson Jones never thought that she would get infected with COVID-19. Houston’s avid tennis player, Jones never even caught a cold during the pandemic. He was vaccine-hesitant because he was concerned about vaccines’ side effects on his good health.

But the virus was capable of shattering his faith in his health. His appetite vanished, and his nose was clogged. He began looking for anything that would ease his nightmarish illness.

People Are Trusting Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Over COVID-19 Vaccines

Monoclonal antibodies came to his rescue. It is no less experimental than the COVID-19 vaccine. Created in a laboratory, the drug is a year old. Jones, 65, walked into Methodist Hospital of Houston and added to those million patients including former President Donald Trump, to get antibody infusion.

People Are Trusting Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Over COVID-19 Vaccines

Americans that have declined to get vaccinated are turning to the treatment that even mystifies doctors. They are turning down vaccines that cost 100 of this treatment. Orders are exploding. In August the country administered 1,68,000 doses every week and in July, 27,000. President Joe Baden warned the states about a shortage in national supply.

The treatment costs around $2,100 per dose. For upcoming weeks, the government has warned states to look out for scaled-back shipments as there will be a shortage.

Fortunately, the government has said that more supplies are reaching the country. More than 1.8 million doses have been bought by the federal government. We can expect them to arrive in the country by fall. Some state officials said that many hospitals are uncertain of supplies for now, as patients keep searching for the treatment.

Operation of the leader for not Carolina’s response related to COVID-19, Kody Kinsley, said in one interview that there are several providers struggling to receive the product. Kinsley believes that this is the issue of classic logistics, where suddenly the demand has increased.

Amidst the misinformation and hesitancy around vaccines, monoclonal antibodies are becoming the medicine of COVID-19 that will help achieve acceptance universally.

President Biden and governors of the Southern region have been promoting the treatment. They have been victorious in attaining a positive response from vaccine-hesitant people who said that uncertainties and tears of the pandemic have made them desperate to look out for an antidote.

Talking about the antibody treatment, Mr. Jones said that the people he trusts have not said anything negative about the treatment. On the other hand, he has heard several negative things about the vaccine’s side effects and the rush in developing it.

Many Republican governors who oppose the vaccine mandates, have set up Kleenex for this antibody treatment. Scientists believe that increasing rates of vaccination would reduce the need for antibody treatments that are much costly. The treatments take more than an hour and a half and also include afterward monitoring. Patients also require continuous attention from nurses.

San Diego’s Family health center’s population health infectious disease specialist, Dr. Christian Ramers, said that the treatment is blocking resources, it is also difficult to guess, and the vaccine costs only $20 and prevents infection. He said that believing in antibodies and turning down vaccines was similar to getting car insurance without brakes.

Made by Regeneron and Eli Lilly, the monoclonal antibody treatment has been proven to reduce symptoms of patients and hospitalization risk by more than 70%. The treatment is administered in one sitting.

When The COVID-19 infection surged in winter, the treatment was completely overlooked by doctors and patients. But now, healthcare centers in hospitals are converting auditoriums, dental clinics, and mobile units into infusion centers.

The factor that plays a vital role in the surging demand for this treatment is vaccine-hesitant people spreading the word about recovering after taking the treatment.

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