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People Are Finding Loopholes In Vaccine Exemptions Risking The Country

California became the first state in this month to need schoolchildren to get fully vaccinated against Coronavirus by setting one option of religious exemption.

At present California has the lowest Covid 19 cases in the country. It has been imposing a series of mandates requiring school staff, medical staff, and employees in the state to get vaccinated.

People Are Finding Loopholes In Vaccine Exemptions Risking The Country

But there is a loophole – Californians can ask for a religious exemption and they are doing it.

Epidemiologists are worried that people will make use of this loophole and undermine those states’ development in the pandemic. Legal experts and lawyers are debating over the simple that has blurred the lines.

People Are Finding Loopholes In Vaccine Exemptions Risking The Country

Many teachers and parents have opposed the vaccine mandates in children and there are several protests going on around the state. In some conservative areas of the south and rural patches of North California, parents protested against this measure saying that they don’t need to co-parent their children with the government. School teachers in Los Angeles protested last week when they were denied some religious exemptions.

Meanwhile, the fire department of Los Angeles approved 450 exemption requests on religious grounds. Some 800 workers in the city of San Francisco including firefighters and police officers Have requested exemptions but the city has not yet approved any.

As the city and state officials impose mandates strictly people from all over resisting vaccination have come up to dodge the requirements. In California’s Rocklin, a pastor at a megachurch in Sacramento has been handing out religious exemptions to everyone asking for it.

Greg Fairrington, a pastor of Destiny Christian church who helped organize protests against vaccine mandates for health care workers and school children at the state capitol said that he is not opposed to vaccines but It conflicts with the morals of some people. Liberty Counsel, the Christian legal advocacy group, hands out religious exemption templates too.

UC Davis School of Medicine’s epidemiology associate professor, Lorena Garcia said that even when a few individuals are not ready to take the vaccine, it can impact large cities like San Francisco.

A police officer, bus driver, or a teacher, then get exemptions from the vaccine Risk of contracting the virus themselves and passing it on to hundreds of people they come in contact with. Immunocompromised people are most at risk even if they have taken both doses.

She said she is worried because these exemptions provide a way to easily get out of the vaccine mandates and people will exploit it. Even though public health officials and religious leaders have been urging people to get vaccinated, it won’t help.

Orthodox Jewish rabbis, Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint leaders, Pope Francis, Fiqh Council Islamic leaders in North America have been all encouraging in the vaccines

Leaders of some scattered religious groups have been supporting people to protest against vaccines on social media, fueling their morals and religious beliefs.

State and federal laws protect employees who wish not to get vaccinated just grounds. a law professor at ​​UC Hastings, Dorit Reiss said that organized religious teachings and beliefs are protected and so are other observances and sincerely held beliefs. The best employers can do is ask that if their employees are rejecting the vaccine on the basis of fetal cell use, do they also not consume Tums or Tylenol, another medicine made from it? He added that ultimately some beliefs are not rational and cannot be changed.

He further explained that these laws were made to protect people Finally just discrimination like a Sikh individual us to remove his turban or a Jewish person asked to work on Saturday. But they weren’t designed for a situation that risks the lives of other people.

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