People In Dilemma As Companies Make Vaccination Compulsory

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 16, 2021

Many of the companies have started operating after months of people working from their homes. Most of the companies have started asking their employees about the vaccination status. Many of the companies in Europe and the US require their employees to be fully vaccinated before coming over to the work environment.

These companies are not just health care systems or educational institutions but also companies that provide travel and finance, hospitality, and technology sectors as well.

People In Dilemma As Companies Make Vaccination Compulsory

Although the vaccination drive had started roughly about 9 months ago in the US many of the eligible people had to wait for their shot since the priority was given to health care people first followed by the elderly. Many of the eligible candidates still did not get vaccinated which is now causing serious problems to them at their workplace as the companies have made it mandatory.

People In Dilemma As Companies Make Vaccination Compulsory

The President of the United States Joe Biden on last week stated that the patience is wearing thin for people being unvaccinated even though there are many vaccination centers available. Biden also stated that if individuals who are not getting vaccinated be in private employees or federal employees should not be allowed back until they go through this ordeal.

In a recent article, it is found that there are many open positions all over the US for people who are fully vaccinated. Ann Elizabeth Konkel economist for Indeed stated that a few weeks ago they started seeing a lot of job postings on their site only for fully vaccinated people and was more than 119% than the previous month having the same criteria.

With the new Delta variant that has reached the US many of the companies are wondering how to continue their day to day activities and the only solution is to get all the employees vaccinated.

The CDC has stated that the vaccines give a person a whole lot better chance against the delta variant and it has been observed that people who are fully vaccinated are rarely affected by the Delta variant and among the affected people the symptoms are not too severe. However, for people who are not vaccinated the Delta variant is quite life-threatening.

The job postings for health care and personal care workers have increased by 333% in the last month and all the postings require the people to be fully vaccinated and the job postings for the social service sector and the community service sector increased by 326% stating the same criteria. The other sectors are also seeing pretty good margins for the requirement of fully vaccinated people.

It has been observed the US is not the only country that is now making the vaccination drive compulsory, UK government has also issued a stringent warning saying that all the people who wish to go back to their offices must be vaccinated. France and Greece are following the same protocols.

In Italy, teachers need to present their vaccination certificate to the school authorities before entering a class. This is the need of the hour as there are no vaccination for kids and the new variant seems to be targeting the kids as well.

CDC has stated that the school authorities need to take seminars and make kids understand the need for wearing the mask and social distancing as well. It has been observed that off around 24% of the hospitalization cases in the US are all kids under the age of 18 which is a worrisome issue altogether. Many of the companies are conducting a vaccination drive at their office itself making it easy for the employees.

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