People Struggling Hard To Find COVID-19 Tests In Indiana State

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 5, 2022

According to health officials, the people in Indiana have difficulty getting COVID tests. The local health department sites, health care facilities, schools, and jails are being provided on an average of fifty thousand tests per week.

People Struggling Hard To Find COVID-19 Tests In Indiana State

Still, due to a shortage of rapid tests, the number of kits provided to the state is only eleven thousand. Though these eleven thousand tests are Abbott BinaxNOW rapid tests, about ten thousand tests of Quidel QuickVue tests are also being procured.

People Struggling Hard To Find COVID-19 Tests In Indiana State

The time taken for rapid tests is low, but due to the dearth of these kits, the authorities have been insisting that people go for RT PCR tests which take more time, approximately 24-48 hours, but would be doing the job.

As per the sources, Biden has inked a whopping one hundred thirty-seven thousand dollar contract to Millipore Sigma, a unit of Germany’s KGaA, for boosting the production capacity of rapid coronavirus tests. The money would be given in investments of 3 years to build facilities.

According to John M. Koval, who is a spokesperson for Abbott Laboratories, a major manufacturer of rapid antigen tests, the company has been witnessing an unprecedented demand for the rapid tests, and they have been doing their best so that they can cope up with the supply as they also understand the gravity of the situation.

Right from the time of the previous president Mr. Donald Trump, the focus on testing was not given due focus, though after the coming of Mr. Biden who had pledged that as a president, he would be forming a pandemic testing board.

Mr. Biden has been following his promises by forming various testing facilities like rapid, in-home tests. He has formed a testing board composed of officials from various agencies.

According to data from Johns Hopkins, the testing was approximately 1.8 million per day but since then the numbers have decreased even when there was a Delta wave in the midst.

One of the treatments that the White House has decided to go forward with is the Sotrovimab which is a monoclonal antibody treatment manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology.

There has been a lot of research done on this vaccine, and the outcomes also have been positive, like reduction in hospitalization, decrease in emergency room visits, reduction in respiratory complications, and decrease in oxygen requirement.

The only treatment at present that has been advised in America is the use of Sotrovimab.

As the number of cases has been increasing in America, the government has ordered more courses of GlaxoSmithKline treatment. Of these, approximately 300,000 are expected to be delivered in January.

According to the famous Dr. Anthony Fauci, things could get better by January, but he also insisted that people shouldn’t get complacent as at that particular time, the risk of spreading increases. He also stated that the limited supplies of tests for COVID-19 should be increased, which could be helpful to the people.

Also in Europe, the infection has been transmitting at a very fast pace. Hospitalization has increased on a vast scale. Some countries like Austria have imposed strict measures like imposing a nationwide lockdown.

The authorities of the Kiel Institute for World Economy have said that the pandemic is affecting the world more negatively than they had imagined. In the end, it could be said that our life is in our own hands, we should focus on following the guidelines set up by the government, focus on a healthy diet which gives us proper nutrients, makes our organs stronger and focus on exercising which has been helping in improving the immunity and ultimately keep our loved and dear ones safe.

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