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Pet Cats Were Killed In A Chinese City After A Covid Infection.

According to state-run media, three domestic cats in the northern Chinese city of Harbin were put to death after testing positive for the coronavirus, which is a virus that causes cat flu. In response to the action, there was widespread anger on social media, with some criticizing the government for going too far in its efforts to contain the virus.

Pet Cats Were Killed In A Chinese City After A Covid Infection.

According to a story published late on Tuesday by the Beijing News website, the owner of something similar to the animals was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Sept. 21, and the local disease control agency killed her three cats, who later confirmed positive, despite her protestations.

In an interview with Beijing News, a community worker explained why the cats were killed, stating that “there is likely no competent medical treatment for animals infected with the novel coronavirus.” According to the community worker, if the cats had not been removed from the area, they would have continued to leave viral evidence in the vicinity.

Pet Cats Were Killed In A Chinese City After A Covid Infection.

The University of Nottingham’s virology professor, Rachael Tarlinton, stated that surfaces are not only a major route of virus infection but that it “doesn’t seem very realistic” that the cats would pollute their environment to the point where they would pose a risk for their owners to contract COVID again. As of right now, scientists believe there is no evidence that pets play a major role in the spread of the virus from people to humans.

“The attitude used here is one with which I strongly disagree! To put it another way, it is a crude, basic, and lazy style of management that is used only for the goal of evading responsibility and accountability. “Someone on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, which is similar to Twitter, expressed his views.

After being deleted from the publication’s social media sites on Wednesday, the Beijing News story was taken down. The magazine published an opinion article on Weibo on Wednesday, in which it advocated for the establishment of standards for dealing with ill canines in the country.

By enforcing mass testing and neighborhood lockdowns, Chinese authorities have been able to bring the majority of regional coronavirus outbreaks under control in a matter of weeks, even when only a small number of cases have been reported. A report released on Tuesday by Beijing News said that FengZijian, a scientist with the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thinks that pet cats should be put down if they test positive for illnesses on a frequent basis.

According to Vanessa Barrs, a professor in animal health and disease at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who specializes in animal health and illness, the risk of transmission from sick dogs to people is very low, she adds.

“There have been no confirmed instances of cat-to-human transmission throughout the whole pandemic,” she said, contrasting this with the situation with farm mink in Europe, where transmission from COVID-19-infected mink to humans occurred. In the case of cats and dogs maintained as pets, however, the situation is very different, and there are other methods that may be implemented for them.”

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