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Peters, Johnson Get Into Heated Argument At Election Hearing

US Sens. Gary Peters and Ron Johnson got into a heated argument at the election hearing in Washington. The hearing was supposed to look into the alleged irregularities during the recently held presidential elections. The two senators got into a heated argument during which Johnson called Peters a liar over the issue involving Hunter Biden’s case.

Peters, Johnson Get Into Heated Argument At Election Hearing

While Peters is the committee’s top-ranking Democrat, Johnson is the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. During the hearing, Johnson said that it was important to take into consideration the evidence regarding irregularities during the presidential elections. However, Peters clarified that several courts had rejected such claims, and the alleged irregularities should not stop the certification process of election results.

Peters, Johnson Get Into Heated Argument At Election Hearing

Donald Trump and his allies had lost several lawsuits in this regard when they challenged the election results in courts. Apart from that, their efforts to decertify the election results also did not yield any results in the courts. Finally, the allies of Trump and the Texas attorney general challenged the results in four key battleground states and asked the courts to cancel the election results. However, such pleas were quickly dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Peters questioned the former head of election security for Trump, Chris Krebs, about the Russian disinformation attempts during the 2016 elections. Johnson reacted to this and said that Peters and others had falsely accused him of accepting Russian disinformation. He also made comments about Hunter Biden’s tax case that involved millions of dollars of financial transactions.

Johnson argued that the Trump campaign was right with regards to the Hunter Biden tax investigation, and it is now public that he is under federal investigation. He alleged that the Democrats lied all through the elections regarding this matter.

Johnson lost his cool at this point and shouted at Peters for lying about the Russian disinformation campaign. Johnson said that Peters had repeatedly accused him of spreading Russian disinformation, which was a lie.

However, Peters quickly pointed out that the Senate was not there to look into the personal grievances of the Chairman. Peters also accused Johnson of injecting partisanship into the committee, and it was a terrible act by the Chairman.

Johnson ignored the remarks made by Peter at this stage and went on to ask questions with another member. Peter appeared visibly frustrated with the developments.

The Senate that is likely to look into alleged election irregularities may not be able to make any substantial decision as several lawsuits in this regard have been rejected by federal courts in recent months. All the while, the Trump campaign has continued to challenge the election results, and they have stuck to their stance even after losing in the electoral college meet.

In the recently held electoral college meet, Biden got a comfortable victory, and even some Republicans were convinced that there was no point in continuing with the lawsuits as they had to honor the public mandate ultimately.

However, Trump and his allies are unwilling to stop, and they want to extend the legal battle as long as possible. Not only that, but the Trump campaign is also hopeful that they would be able to put forward alternate electors from several states, and they would request the concerned authorities to overturn the election results.

Many Republican supporters have stayed away from such drama as they do not want to face further public embarrassment. They are also suggesting that Trump should concede defeat in a dignified manner and preserve the soul of American democracy. However, the Trump campaign is in no mood to stop at this point, and it would be interesting to see where the battle heads in the future.

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