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Pfizer Is Expected To Approval For Covid Booster Vaccine Dose For 18

The drug-making company Pfizer is likely to seek the authorization of emergency administration of the Coronavirus booster vaccine dose to people who belong to the age group of eighteen and above from the United States of America Food and Drug Administration agency, according to a statement released by an official of President Joe Biden’s administration on Monday, the 8th of November 2021.

Pfizer Is Expected To Seek Approval For Covid 19 Booster Vaccine Dose For 18 And Above

This plea that is expected for EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) of the booster dose of COVID 19 vaccine for people who fall in the age group of eighteen and above have been first disclosed by the Washington Post.

This authorization could prove to be a huge step for the nation in fulfilling the current President Joe Biden prediction that by mid-August next year, booster shots for Coronavirus would be made available for all the adults in the United States of America. This request from the vaccine producing company, Pfizer, also comes at a time when the country’s federal government health officials have expressed their concerns very clearly regarding the possibility of diminishing immunity from the initial doses of the COVID 19 vaccine shots, even as cold winter months are fast approaching across the country, when the likelihood of contracting infections is higher than normal, which makes the people of the country more susceptible of getting infected with Coronavirus.

Pfizer Is Expected To Approval For Covid Booster Vaccine Dose For 18

The United States of America Food and Drug Administration has already issued its approval for administration of the Coronavirus booster shots for the majority of the adult population of the country, provided they have taken their initial doses of COVID 19 vaccine shots at a time that allows the required time gap between the initial vaccine doses and the administration of the Coronavirus booster shots.

For all the people of the country, who have gotten their Moderna or the BioNTech / Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine shots at least before six months or even longer are already eligible to get their booster shots against the COVID 19 virus, provided they are sixty-five years of age or older, at a higher than normal risk of contracting a breakthrough COVID 19 infection owing to certain pre-existing medical conditions such as kidney ailments, heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure or during pregnancy; or the population of the nation that is at a higher than usual risk of contracting Coronavirus because of the environment they live in or work in like the employees working in chemical factories and refineries or people who reside in close vicinity to chemical refineries and factories that emit dangerous gases that are potentially harmful for human health.

All the people in the United States, who got their Johnson & Johnson Covid 19 vaccine shot at least two months ago or even before is eligible for their Covid 19 booster dose after a minimum two months of getting their initial shot. The Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus vaccine is by far only approved for the section of the population that is eighteen years and older.

On Monday, the 8th of November 2021, Pfizer further claimed that it had no information regarding when they would seek approval of booster doses for other groups of the population. Out of the twenty-four million fully vaccinated people of the country, around 12.4% of the fully vaccinated population have already received their booster shot of the Coronavirus vaccine.

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