Pfizer Covid Booster Vaccines For Kids-The New Relief

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 4, 2022

The whole world has trembled with fear, viruses, deaths, vaccines. All of us are aware of the deadly virus that’s been making people afraid. Doctors keep trying more to make sure people are saved from this deadly virus.

Pfizer Covid Booster Vaccines For Kids-The New Relief

The Food and Drug Administration stated that the vaccination age for Pfizer vaccination has become 12 for kids. Since the Omicron variant has been spreading quickly, the need for vaccination has become a mandatory one.

Pfizer Covid Booster Vaccines For Kids

The normal duration for the vaccination gap was six months for booster packs. Researchers said that the vaccine gap duration has been decreased from six months to five months. Booster shots will make sure your body is ready to fight any kind of variant.

Not just adults, even kids were a part of this covid journey. Right from the beginning of the covid era, more than 7.5 million children were affected by the virus. To be more clear, one out of ten children had covid. Despite the safety measures we follow, vaccination plays a major role in safety and immunity-wise.

The FDA authorization also reported that the third shot of vaccination of coronavirus for specific immunocompromised kids whose age ranges from 5-11. FDA commissioner Janet Woodcock said in a medical report that the main and primary preventive measure is wearing a mask properly and sanitizing your hands properly.

Though there are many variants that emerge day by day, the omicron variant is one of the most contagious and dangerous ones, state doctors and researchers. The Omicron strand virus is said to spread faster than the delta virus.

Since schools and colleges are open now, the count of covid cases is said to increase rapidly. So, doctors are advising people to get their vaccination shots as soon as possible. Although social distancing is followed, the contagious variants cross our paths.

If there are a couple of children together, the Omicron variant is analyzed to spread faster than any other variant. For instance, if the Delta variant reaches 3 people, the Omicron will reach more than 5 people in the crowd.

According to a medical report, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association has said in an interview that the possibility and severity of covid infection in children are more likely to stay complicated. The booster vaccination shot has been given access to 16 to 17-month-old kids too.

As per sources of information from the FDA, the Emergency Use Authorization of the vaccinations has been said to beat the rising number of cases. The more people get vaccinated, the chance of death or critical health conditions becomes lesser.

Also, a word from hospitals reported that admissions of children due to the Omicron virus has been increasing gradually since the contagious factor of the virus is more fierce. The variant has got eyes on all age groups of people, researchers say.

The last week of December reported 378 children affected by the virus, ranging 17 years of age. When compared to the week before, the last week of the month had an increased count of 66%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If your kid or your niece and nephew are between the age gap of 5-11, you must stay aware of the importance of vaccination. Booster dose vaccination in a gap of at least one month, more appreciably 28 days is preferred. Such vaccinations take a gap of 5 months, unlike the Moderna booster whose gap is still 6 months.

As we are all aware of the seriousness of the virus, we must stay safe as much as possible. Washing hands properly, eating healthy foods, and getting vaccines on time is very important.

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