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Pfizer COVID Vaccine 78% Effective In Pregnant Women

A new study published in Israel’s JAMA says that two doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine are 78% effective in pregnant women. Moreover, according to recent reports, none of the recipients faced any adverse effects of the virus. The SARS-CoV-2 infection, seems to lose its strength in vaccinated individuals. It has been seen that the infection is mostly mild in pregnant wone and the unborn child.

Pfizer COVID Vaccine 78% Effective In Pregnant Women

However, some emergency issues may arise particularly in the third trimester. It could lead to ventilation and a visit to the ICU. However, symptomatic cases haven’t been ruled out. Many pregnant women showing symptoms have had to undergo preterm delivery. Moreover, the fetus also showed intrapartum distress. 

Pfizer COVID Vaccine 78% Effective In Pregnant Women

Research Underway At Tel Aviv

Maccabi Healthcare Services in Tel Aviv is at the helm of the research. The recent data collection and analysis consist of a population of 15,000 pregnant women, out of which 50% are vaccinated. The other factors like age, gestational stage, and demographics remain constant with small sample pools. The sample population of pregnant women consists of 36% women in their second trimester, and 33% in the third trimester. The vaccinated women had received their doses between mid-December to February end. 

The study has revealed that 118 vaccinated women and about 200 unvaccinated women contracted the virus. In the preceding follow-up period, 10 women were detected with the virus from the vaccinated group. April is the period, in mention here. And, 46 from the unvaccinated group. With passing time, the vaccinated women developed more antibodies. Thus, it led to a decline in infections in the vaccinated group. 

The most common symptoms were headache, stomach problems, weakness, and pain. These resolved with a week or two. After a significant number of women were tested at the end stage of pregnancy, the results seemed to be encouraging. None of the women faced any health issues like preeclampsia, or maternal death. The baby was also healthy. 

Study Reveals 78% Efficacy In Pregnant Women

The BNT162b2 from Pfizer has the power to protect pregnant individuals to a huge extent. Everybody is aware of the various changes inside a woman’s body during pregnancy. There is a change in hormonal levels and immune system. Thus, it puts pregnant women at a greater risk of fatality. 

According to WHO, the vaccine is completely safe for people suffering from various health conditions. This list of health conditions includes hypertension, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and chronic infections as well. Moreover, WHO says, the vaccine has no negative repercussions on lactating women. Furthermore, breastfeeding need not be stopped. To help pregnant women take the ultimate decision to get vaccinated, WHO has also released several FAQs. WHO also does not recommend termination of pregnancy or delaying it upon infection. 

Pfizer is working tirelessly, to come up with vaccines for infants as well. This is initially only possible through maternal immunization. The decades of expertise that comes with the pharmaceutical giant, speaks volumes for the efficacy of its vaccines. The company is at the forefront of this research on the efficacy of vaccines on pregnant women. After vaccination, such women are able to transfer the antibodies to the unborn child or thereafter. Thus, the process gives millions of babies across the globe a fair chance to survive in the pandemic. 

Moreover, it is important to get pregnant women vaccinated, as newborns do not have very strong immunity. Babies are dependent on their mothers for a length of time. Therefore, getting immunized is the only way to go in a pandemic situation. The safety of vaccines is well-documented through various trials. It will lead to a significant improvement in mortality rates in newborns amidst the pandemic. 

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