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Pfizer Covid Vaccine For Children Appears Effective, FDA Says

The kid-size COVID 19 vaccine doses from Pfizer show utmost efficacy. They prevent symptomatic infections among school-going children, federal health experts point out.

America is considering the possibility of opening a vaccination campaign for elementary children at the earliest. And Pfizer has good news for the country.

Pfizer Covid Vaccine For Children Appears Effective, FDA Says

As per the study it released on Friday, its kid-size doses prevent symptomatic infection among children aged 5-11 up to 91%. Furthermore, they did not notice any immediate safety issues.

This, according to experts, is amazing news as the country plans to open a vaccination drive for children.

Pfizer Covid Vaccine For Children Appears Effective, FDA Says

FDA posted its review of the data Pfizer published on Friday. The next week, the agency will conduct a public debate as to whether the shots are prepared for the 28000000 children aged 5-11 in the country. FDA will request an outside panel of experts to vote on the issue.

After analyzing Pfizer’s data, scientists reached the conclusion that the company’s kid-size COVID 19 vaccine is safe. Its benefits in minimizing hospitalizations and deaths outweigh any serious complications it may have in children. But it did not authorize the vaccine.

The agency will present this question before its panel of outside experts. A decision will be taken based on their recommendations.

If the regulatory authority gives the final nod, CDC will convene a meeting in the first week of next month. It will decide on the eligibility criteria of the vaccine.

The US expects that children will be able to receive their shots against COVID 19 by November. The first in line to get inoculated, according to the authorities, will be protected by Christmas.

The adult-size vaccine doses from Pfizer are already authorized in the country for everyone above 12 years of age. But parents and pediatricians are waiting expectantly to protect children from the dangerous Delta variant that spreads fast. They are also eager to see their children back in school.

The FDA’s analysis attests to the study the company posted in the first part of the day. There, it had said that their vaccine for young children shows 91% efficacy in preventing symptomatic infections among them.

Scientists used the company’s trials to reach a conclusion. As per the trial, 16 children who received a placebo of the vaccines were infected with COVID 19. The same among those truly vaccinated was 3. No one among them reported severe infections. But the symptoms of those vaccinated were milder when compared with those unvaccinated.

Most of the data was gathered from the US during the time period of August-September. The Delta variant was dominant at the time.

FDA’s analysis of the data could not find any unexpected safety concerns. The side effects were minor in nature like a sore arm. And they were short-lived.

FDA, however, observed that the study was too small to analyze the rare complications like myocarditis. This is an inflammation of the heart that happens rarely in youngsters upon receiving the second dose.

FDA did a comparative analysis of the vaccine’s ability to prevent hospitalizations and deaths with the side effects it may have in children using a statistical model. It created four scenarios. Vaccine prevailed in all of them. And at the end, scientists concluded that the benefits of Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccine for children outweigh the risks it may have.

COVID 19 generally spares children. But over 630 Americans below 18 have died due to the virus until now.  And it has infected up to 6.2 million children. And due to the Delta variant surge, 1.1 million children have been infected during the last week alone.

Biden administration is prepared with sufficient doses of vaccines for children. They are kept in orange-capped vials to minimize confusion.

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