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Pfizer Plans To Ship 13000000 Doses Of Vaccine A Week To The US

Pfizer Inc. is preparing to ship 13000000 doses of its vaccine to the United States. It will be available by mid-March, the company said.  It is more than double what it offered to the country in February.

And by the end of March, the company will ship 120000000 doses of its two-dose vaccine. Pfizer is also planning to provide up to 300000000 doses of its vaccine to the country by the end of July.

Moderna Inc too had the same thing to say. It plans to ship 100000000 doses of its two-dose vaccine by March and 300000000 by the end of July.

Johnson & Johnson is yet to receive US authorization for the emergency use of its vaccine. Still, it plans to supply 20000000 of its single-dose vaccine to the country. It also expects that it will supply 100000000 doses of its vaccine by the middle of the year.

They had prepared these comments to be delivered before a congressional Hearing. It is scheduled to be held before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce next Tuesday.

Pfizer Plans To Ship 13000000 Doses Of Vaccine A Week To The US

The US crossed the terrifying benchmark of 500000 COVID 19 deaths. These remarks mean that the country will receive 240000000 doses of vaccines by the end of March. This, according to health officials, is enough to vaccinate 130000000 people. By mid-year, it will increase up to 700000000.

In the meantime, AstraZeneca Plc is conducting its trials in the US. The company believes that it can modify its vaccine to stop the new variants of the virus in its labs.

A new variant of the virus that is termed as more contagious has been detected in South Africa. It is there in several States of the US.

Pfizer Plans To Ship 13000000 Doses Of Vaccine A Week To The US

Given below is an overview of the present situation in the country with regard to new virus variants as per the CDC report:

Virus continues to change and mutations get generated. At times, these new strains emerge and disappear without causing any harm. At other times, they persist and cause great damage. Up to five variants of the virus have been reported both in the US and across the globe.

COVID 19 virus belongs to a large family of coronaviruses. They got the name from the crown-shaped spikes on their heads. Scientists continue to monitor the changes that come in these viruses. This helps them comprehend how these viruses spread and how it affects human body.

The UK identified a mutation of the virus called B.1.1.7. It is reported to have great many mutations. This variant, according to scientists, spreads fast and is more deadly.

In South Africa, health experts discovered a virus variant called B.1.351. This differed from the original virus B.1.1.7. They detected it in October.  The same was detected in the US by the end of January this year.

In Brazil, health officials detected another variant called P.1. They detected this among travelers during a routine screening in an airport in Japan. This virus contains lots of other mutations. And the antibodies our body prepares may not recognize these, scientists fear.

These variants and mutations are reported to be more contagious and deadlier.

Fortunately, vaccines available at present generate antibodies capable of recognizing these variants. Even then, utmost compliance to the public health precautions is strongly recommended. Wearing a mask, social distancing and vaccination are known to help. Further studies are being done in this regard.

Till now, scientists don’t know how far these variants have spread and how the disease from them differs from that of the original virus differ. In fact, there remains a lot to be discovered even today.

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