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Pfizer Vaccine Is Effective Against New Coronavirus Variant; Proves A Recent Research

A recent study on the Pfizer vaccine says that it can shield both the new variants of COVID-19, found in the U.K and South Africa. 

This would result in great relief over the menacing situation in states across the country. Reports from many states in recent days come with discovering the U.K variant of the coronavirus in the same. 

Pfizer Vaccine Is Effective Against New Coronavirus Variant; Proves A Recent Research

The two highly contagious variants of the coronavirus commonly share a mutation called N501Y. This is a slight alteration on one spot of the spike protein coating of the virus.


What makes the new variant to spread so easily is this change. The majority of the vaccines rolled out in many countries act in identifying and defeating this spike protein.

The research was done by both Pfizer and the University of Texas Medical Branch altogether in Galveston laboratory tests.

Their goal was to find out whether the vaccine has the ability to fight with the mutation found in the new variant.

The team collected blood samples from 20 people who received the Pfizer vaccine. The study posted on an online site shows that the recipients’ antibodies could successfully attack and destroy the virus. 

The research became an initial and significant step to further detailed studies.

Pfizer’s chief scientific officer Dr. Philip Dormitzer said that the finding was very reassuring that this mutation doesn’t seem to be a problem as everyone feared.

As the virus spreads from person to person, it is normal to see minor changes in its structure. 

Days before, the U.S infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said that vaccines have the potential to recognize multiple parts of the spike protein. As he said, the Pfizer vaccine also acts in the same way.

For the last few days, the variant started appearing in states across the country. The most recent updates are from Texas, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Though many states have already discovered the new variant, the cases have been isolated. States like New York, Florida, and Georgia reported each case until Thursday, whereas in Colorado, two cases were identified. The Situation in San Diego is the worst with 32 cases of the variant.

Experts of infectious diseases and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the coronavirus variant found in the U.K is likely to be transmitted in the U.S.

Presently tiny fractions of the virus have been directed in states all over the country, but it hints the widespread and in the coming weeks, chances are great that the contractions would get common in the coming weeks. 

Until now, there is no evidence that the variant is with a higher risk of critical disease or death, though it has a higher transmission rate. Whereas, the variant found in South Africa seems to be more deadly.

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