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Pfizer Vaccine Lags Behind In Supply Rate Than Moderna Vaccine

President Joe Biden had previously announced his hike in covid supply and said that he would ensure maximum vaccination by the end of summer. 

Around 300 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna has been additionally arranged upon this decision.

Pfizer Vaccine Lags Behind In Supply Rate Than Moderna Vaccine

But the two vaccine companies would have to fulfil their words to the federal government regarding their supply. 

Pfizer Vaccine Lags Behind In Supply Rate Than Moderna Vaccine

Both Pfizer and Moderna has to supply 100 million vaccines each to the United States by 31st March. Moderna is said to have supplied the most doses in the past week. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Biden administration has distributed over 5.8 million Moderna vaccines this week which is a 35% increase from the 4.8 million doses in the previous week. 

Whereas Pfizer doses have increased only 2% than the previous week ie; 70,000 doses in the past week and 4.4 million shots this week.

White House Advisor Andy Slavitt said that the country would be receiving 10 million vaccines for each of the next three weeks. But the smooth supply of doses is only due to the Moderna vaccine. 

She also stated that Moderna and Pfizer have to supply a total of 200 million doses by March. But the difference in supply rates can have adverse effects thus delaying the final vaccine goal.

Data states that if Moderna continues to supply 5.8 million shots each week, only 85 million shots would have been achieved by the end of March. 

Also if Pfizer continues to supply the same 4.4 million doses, only 72 million vaccine shots will be achieved by the end of March. 

The vaccine supply arent hand-counted by the federal government themselves. Instead, the companies will have previously informed the government regarding the supply numbers for each week, according to which the government arranges its distribution to the states. 

Health and Human Services Spokesman Bill Hall stated that the U.S government and vaccine companies have so far filled in all the details in official papers and have kept communication constant. He also said that since it is all a very complex procedure, extra care has to be taken. 

Bruce Gellin, former Director of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services said that even though the vaccine supply and distribution are complicated to be kept track of, the manufacturers should attempt to ensure maximum transparency as it is their own products which they are supplying to the government themselves. 

Moderna Spokesman Ray Jordan addressed the issue by stating that even though Moderna doesn’t provide detailed data on their supply numbers, they have so far been committed to continuous supply. 

Whereas Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that they will ensure faster supply to the U.S and reach the 120 million mark by the end of March surpassing the previously set 100 million. 

SVB Leerink Analyst Geoffrey Porges expressed his confidence regarding Pfizer achieving its goal by stating that they had consistently provided increased vaccine supply to the U.K and so they will catch up with the U.S supply too.

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