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Pfizer Vaccines 39% Effective In Israel, Is A Booster Dose Necessary?

The Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus is also dominant in Israel as in the United States. Israel has reported just 39% efficacy of both doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine but the health Department of Israel still reports strong protection from infection and hospitalization. 

This is a decrease from the 64% efficacy that had been reported 2 weeks ago. The United Kingdom had, however, reported the Pfizer drug to be 88% effective. Dr. Isaac Bogoch from the University of Toronto in Canada is not surprised by these findings. The Canadian Infectious diseases Professor cites a strong possibility that the effectiveness of vaccines may reduce with time and that a stronger booster does may be required.  He said anything might happen while the virus is still active.

Pfizer Vaccines 39% effective in Israel, Is a booster dose necessary?

Dr. Bogoch appreciated the studies and trials being made by the countries of Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom and said that these efforts would help the world to take a call on whether to introduce a booster vaccine dose.

Meanwhile. The Delta variant of the Coronavirus has infected people in 104 countries and the United States is worried that even fully vaccinated people are beginning to get infected, though on a milder level. Dr. Paul Offit, who is a vaccine advisor to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has observed that the Delta variant is infecting even vaccinated people who are also spreading the virus, commented that wearing masks indoors along with other Covid protocol that had been waived, may have to be brought back. 

Pfizer Vaccines 39% effective in Israel, Is a booster dose necessary?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House Medical Advisor, voiced the concerns of other medical health experts about their apprehensions that the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus may quickly spread through the states with lower vaccination levels.

Dr. Offiti shared his concern by asking more Americans to get vaccinated as not only a measure of more protection but preventing the virus from reproducing and mutating itself. Dr. Offiti stressed that the opportunity that a virus gets to mutate itself and spread rapidly must not be given if the pandemic is to be brought under control. 

The World Health Organisation has warned that if more people remain unvaccinated and social gatherings continue, more mutants of the coronavirus are likely to appear.

The report on the lowered rate of efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine has got vaccine manufacturers into a huddle and there are ongoing debates about the necessity of introducing a booster dose and getting permission for it.

While federal authorities in the United States say that vaccinated people do not need an additional vaccine shot at the moment, Fzifer is saying that its vaccine is protective against the virus and its mutated versions, the drug giant is also saying a third does may be helpful due to the weakened protective effect of its two shots.

Pfizer, however, went on to add that trials taken with a third dose taken six months after a second dose showed 5 to 10 times higher neutralization titers of the beta and Delta variants.      

Americans, meanwhile, are continuing to have mixed reactions towards the vaccine while the Delta variant of the virus is causing cases to increase across the United States. In some pockets, hesitation over-vaccination has developed into open refusal. Health workers are under pressure from both the public as well as from leading politicians to downplay vaccination drives. With such news of even 2 doses not being effective enough, confidence in the vaccine may take a further beating as the detractors will only say “See. We warned you!” 

The need for a tested, approved and effective virus is now an urgent necessity if the pandemic is to be brought under control.   

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