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Pfizer Vaccines Might Be Soon Available

New government documents show that Pfizer vaccines against coronavirus may be available in smaller packages. This method would be adopted to improve access to vaccines and shorten wasted vaccine shots.

CBS News reported that there were two packages available of Pfizer vaccines, one had 450 shots and another 1,170. The storage requirement of vaccines made it hard to store them in smaller facilities.

A document obtained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that vaccines will be accessible in smaller packages. The agency has asked to wait for further details.

Pfizer Vaccines Might Be Soon Available

CBS News reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t comment on the request, but the vaccine producing company, Pfizer, confirmed on the reports that they are working on vaccines in smaller packages.

Pfizer Vaccines Might Be Soon Available

The small size will make it easy for the vaccines to ship directly to the offices of doctors, said Association of State and Territorial Officers’ chief medical officer, Dr. Marcus Plescia.

Dr. Plescia said that they’ve continuously seen people determined to remain unvaccinated, if they talk to their doctor once, they will change their mind and may get vaccinated. He said that he knows people won’t change their minds while being between people and misinformation, but doctors can change their minds.

The National Association of County and City Health Officials’ government and public affairs chief, Adriane Casalotti, said that reduced size of packages might help public health departments of rural areas that combated with vaccine shortages in the spring. She said this move will indeed provide flexibility for such situations.

Earlier this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesperson said that around 14.5 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been wasted.

On Wednesday, Pfizer said that they are at their antiviral oral therapy’s late stage of trials. The company along with its many rivals are battling to produce antiviral pills to be prescribed in early infection stages. The trial is on 1,140 subjects. They are studying PF-07321332. It will be in an amalgamation of low ritonavir dose, which is an ingredient used by many other companies. It is formed to prevent a key enzyme’s activity for the COVID-19 viruses to multiply.

In the US, remdesivir by Gilead Sciences is the only approved antiviral against the COVID-19.

A recent study advocates for booster doses and proves that the Pfizer vaccine’s antibody production reduces more than 80% in elderly people after six months of their primary doses.

Researchers from Brown, Harvard, and the University of Case Western Reserve examined blood samples of 92 health workers and 120 residents of Ohio nursing homes. They researched immunity mediated by antibodies to examine the defenses of the body against the virus.

The results saw a decline in the levels of antibodies and support the recommendation of a booster dose to older adults by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Case Reserve’s professor at the School of Medicine, David Canaday, said that booster doses should be administered to older people as their immunity fades away, and especially when a variant like a delta is spreading in the country.

A familiar source said that the federal government’s decision of administering booster COVID-19 shots for common people from 20 September will only proceed with BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines.

The source added that Moderna’s booster dose was declared inadequate by the US FDA. Stronger data is required, and the process may take a few weeks.

More than 100,605 coronavirus infected patients are hospitalized, according to the data from the US Health and Human Services department (HHS). Hospitalizations in states like Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina continue to rise.

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