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Pharmacy Employees And Nurses Must Get Vaccines As Part Of CVS Policy

Companies in the U.S. that have direct contact with customers must vaccinate their employees against the Coronavirus. CVS Health Corp. is among them. Staff members who interact with patients, as well as all corporate and administrative personnel, must be vaccinated by the end of October, the company announced. According to the letter, pharmacists need to be vaccinated by Nov. 30.

Pharmacy Employees And Nurses Must Get Vaccines

A CVS manager told Business Insider that some jobs might be added to the list that requires vaccination. Some 300,000 staff members, including approximately 40,000 physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners are employed by the company.

Pharmacy Employees And Nurses Must Get Vaccines As Part Of CVS Policy


  • One of the virus success stories struggles with the outbreak in Oregon
  • The United States Food and Drug Administration FDA has cleared Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine shots.
  • According to an AP-NORC poll, US schoolchildren support vaccination mandates.
  • Teachers and staff at NYC public schools are required to get vaccinated.
  • Vaccines are not routinely administered to students, which muddies the beginning of the school.

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While the state struggles to control outbreaks of the delta variant of Coronavirus, Hawaii’s governor is asking residents and visitors to keep travel to the islands for essential business only. Through the end of October, Gov. David Ige intends to restrict travel to Hawaii. According to him, traveling can be risky at the moment. The number of restaurants has been limited, and there is a limited supply of rental cars. While Ige isn’t going as far as last year’s strict travel restrictions that essentially shut down Hawaii’s tourism industry, he is easing up on this year’s strict measures. He points out that the CDC says fully vaccinated people may travel domestically. Hawaiian new cases per day have risen to 671 over the past seven days, more than triple the level four weeks ago.

The New Zealand government has put the nation under a lockdown due to an outbreak of the delta variant of Coronavirus last week. There have been 41 cases reported this week, the highest number since the outbreak. According to health officials, the outbreak is on its way to being contained. Ashley Bloomfield, director-general of the Department of Health, believes most of the new cases appear to be connected and the number of infections is not increasing exponentially. As of Friday, New Zealand is expected to remain in lockdown; in Auckland, where the majority of cases have been found, lockdowns will last at least until the end of the month. In the past six months, New Zealand has not witnessed an outbreak of the disease.

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A few Chevron employees are now required to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus since the oil industry is experiencing a rise in infections among unvaccinated workers. In addition to requiring its workers working on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and international travel and living abroad to be vaccinated, ExxonMobil also requires some employees in onshore support jobs to be dosed. In addition to vaccines, the San Ramon-based oil and gas company has committed to monitoring medical data and following the guidance of health authorities to ensure the safety of its employees.

According to Washington state’s wildfire response chief, all wildfire fighters should be vaccinated against Coronavirus. Hilary Franz, the state commissioner of public lands, also called for federal resources to be deployed in order to make vaccinations available at federal fire camps. With the rapidly spreading delta variant, the Washington Department of Natural Resources is distributing vaccines to fire camps within its jurisdiction. Frank ordered all firefighters and agency employees to undergo full vaccinations by Oct. 18.

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