Physical Activity Lowers Cardiovascular Diseases Risks Among Elders

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 22, 2022

A new study has shown that older people can avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a huge margin by indulging in regular physical activities. However, the study also showed that this did not lower the risk for stroke. Interestingly, men showed a better response to physical activity than women in this situation.

Physical Activity Lowers Cardiovascular Diseases Risks Among Elders

When the duration of physical activity was more than 20 minutes per day, the risk of cardiovascular diseases was reduced by a significant margin in men, and this was noticed even in participants aged 70 years. However, this was not too evident in women even though they also benefited from regular exercise. On the other hand, the risk of stroke did not reduce by a considerable margin with exercise.

Physical Activity Lowers Cardiovascular Diseases Risks Among Elders

Experts feel that physical activities should be promoted among elders in order to avoid various health complications in the long run. Apart from keeping them active in old age, regular exercise can also help them avoid health complications related to the heart. The heart will be able to pump blood effectively with regular exercise, and this also normalizes the blood pressure to some extent.

It is also good to promote such habits in middle age as the body gets used to such activities and responds better in the long run. In this way, the risk of cardiovascular diseases can decrease even further in old age. Even women can benefit from physical activities in middle age, and they will be able to handle health complications in old age.

The risk of a heart attack came down significantly when older people in their seventies exercised daily for more than 20 minutes. The benefits continued until their nineties, which is a good thing that every older adult can practice regularly.

When it comes to physical activities in old age, there is no need to go to the gym or use any sort of equipment during exercise. Even a normal walking regime along with freehand exercises will be more than enough to keep the body active and healthy for many years. You can also consider indulging in some sports activities if possible so that the duration of exercise improves in the long run. Most people do not keep a tab of time when they are enjoying their favorite sports activities, and this is the best way to get more exercise for the body.

Apart from that, indulging in sports activities makes the exercise regime interesting, and people are more likely to stick to such activities for many years. Many older people lead a sedentary lifestyle that often leads to various health problems in late years. When the body is not getting sufficient exercise, the digestive power reduces a lot, and the ability to absorb nutrients reduces to some extent. Apart from that, this can also lead to weight issues and lead to health complications in old age.

On the other hand, by indulging in regular exercise, older people can avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. It is also proved that regular exercise can help patients recover quickly from existing health problems. If you are taking medication for some ailment, it works better when your body gets some exercise as the blood flow increases in the body with exercise.

Apart from offering a host of benefits for the body, regular exercise also keeps the mind healthy in the long run. It can reduce stress and anxiety to some extent. Exercise also balances the hormone production in the body, which is very important to regulate various activities in the body. In this manner, older adults can stay healthy even in old age with regular exercise.

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