Physiolamp Reviews – A Proven German Technology For Relieving Muscle Pain & Tendinitis

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : May 31, 2022

Physiolamp is an advanced infrared lamp that has been designed using German technology to provide relief from muscle pains, heal burns and promote joint health. According to the manufacturer, this infrared lamp is scientifically proven to be effective for all people. Our Physiolamp reviews will examine all the aspects of the lamp to see if it’s ideal for improving health.

Physiolamp ReviewsCan This Infrared Lamp Stimulate Hair Follicles?

Physiolamp, within a few weeks of release in the market, has been gaining significant popularity. With this popularity and on navigating through the official website, the lamp seems to be legit. But, to reach a final verdict about this infrared lamp, looking at its every aspect is necessary so that you can also gain a better understanding of it. 

This is where I intend to be of help to you and this Physiolamp review is penned down to serve the purpose. From detailed research and analysis of various Physiolamp reviews, I have compiled reliable information about the device in this review such as how Physiolamp works, features, benefits offered, pricing, and so on. So, dive into this Physiolamp review and see if the lamp is worth the money.

Physiolamp Reviews
Device NamePhysiolamp
Category Infrared Physiotherapy lamp
Used forProvide relief from muscle pains and joint health
FunctionUsing German technology to improve blood circulation
  • Adjustable temperature and angle
  • Offers high power up to 100W
  • Compact design ensures home-friendly features
  • Designed using German technology
  • Benefits
  • Treat cellular aging
  • Muscle and joint pain relief
  • Stimulate hair follicles
  • ColourRed
    Rated voltage220V
    Power100W lamp
    Key Highlights
  • High Compatibility
  • Replacement Parts
  • High Power
  • Scientifically proven 
  • Precautions
  • Use at a distance of 30 cm from the skin
  • Don’t irradiate the face or eyes directly
  • Keep reaching out to children under the age of 18
  • Product Rating4.5/5
    WarrantyComes with 2 years & 1-year warranty
    Price$75.00 per unit
    AvailabilityOnly Through The Official Website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What Is Physiolamp Infrared Lamp?

    Physiolamp is a novel infrared lamp created using German technology to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, open up skin pores and promote healthy joints. According to the manufacturer, this infrared lamp with adjustable temperature and angle will work for all people.

    Physiolamp infrared physiotherapy lamp is a 100W infrared lamp that comes with a highly compatible cable with an electric supply of up to 220V. It is designed in such a way that it is home-friendly with a compact size and spare bulbs are also available that have high durability. To top it all off, Physiolamp is now available at an affordable price so that everyone can benefit from it.

    Physiolamp Infrared Lamp

    Physiolamp Features

    Before purchasing any device, especially medical equipment, it is important to probe into its features. The following are the Physiolamp infrared lamp features:

    • Highly efficient lamp designed using German technology- Physiolamp infrared lamp is created using German technology where medical equipment is produced with the help of cutting edge methods ensuring complete safety and quality.
    • Compact design ensures home-friendly features- This infrared lamp is designed in a compact size so that it can be carried anywhere and used in any space be it your home or anywhere else. 
    • Offers high power up to 100W- Physiolamp provides a high power of up to 100W that is sufficient for delivering potential effects to the body.
    • Adjustable temperature and angle- One of the important advantages of this infrared lamp is that its temperature, as well as the angle, can be adjusted as per convenience. So, depending upon the body part that you want to heal, you can adjust the lamp and its light temperature.
    • Highly compatible cables that can bear up to 220V- The cable wire of the lamp is highly compatible with an electric supply of up to 220V.
    • Replaceable parts like the bulb- Another feature of the Physiolamp device is that its parts like the bulb can be replaced. Spare bulbs are available along with the lamp and they ensure high durability.

    How To Use Physiolamp Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp?

    Now, let us look at how to use the Physiolamp infrared lamp to support healthy muscles and joints. Physiolamp is quite simple to use and handle. Plugin the lamp into a nearby power supply and switch on it. Now, you can adjust the temperature and angle of the lamp as required.

    Once the necessary temperature is reached, show the light to your body part, be it your muscles or joints for around 10 to 20 minutes. Be consistent in performing the session every day. The infrared rays will get absorbed into the body by the photoreceptors in the cells. 

    Note that you should use Physiolamp at a distance of 30 cm from the skin. This distance is safe and proven to deliver the best results.

    Physiolamp Working

    Physiolamp Benefits

    In this section, let us probe into the main benefits that can be expected from the Physiolamp infrared lamp:

    • Keeping at the prescribed distance and having the sessions daily will help in improving blood circulation
    • Offer muscle and joint pain relief, heal skin grafts, stimulate hair follicles, aid in tissue regeneration, and treat cellular aging.
    • High power of up to 100W and highly compatible cable.
    • Compact design to suit the home environment
    • Adjustable temperature and angle making the lamp user-friendly
    • High-quality German technology guarantees safety and efficacy
    Physiolamp Benefits

    Physiolamp Pros & Cons


    • Physiolamp is easy to use and handle
    • This medical equipment is compact and suits any space
    • Designed using cutting-edge German technology
    • Comes at an affordable price to help all people improve their health
    • Temperature and angle can be adjusted as required


    • Physiolamp infrared physiotherapy lamp is available for purchase only through the official website
    • Limited units available

    Is Physiolamp Infrared Lamp Legit Or Not?

    Physiolamp joint pain reliever is manufactured using high-quality German technology ensuring the equipment’s quality and integrity. So, it is sure to last for a longer period with proper use and handling. 

    This infrared lamp uses only the required power and doesn’t raise electricity bills. Even the temperature can be adjusted so that people can use the device to treat their health problems as each one has a different issue. 

    Being a compact infrared lamp, it can be carried anywhere and used in any space making it home and user-friendly. All these facts indicate that Physiolamp is legit. 

    Physiolamp Customer Reviews & Complaints

    The Physiolamp customer reviews are all positive, so far and the customers have affirmed that it is really effective in treating muscle and joint pains. As the device is compact, durable, and comes at an affordable price, users find it worth using.

    That being said, some customers complained that they couldn’t get immediate results. Let me tell you, for optimum results, consistent use is a must and the satisfied customers also point out the same. 

    Physiolamp Customer Reviews

    Physiolamp Pricing & Availability

    Physiolamp infrared physiotherapy lamp is now available at special discounts on the official website so that more people can benefit from it. The price details of each Physiolamp equipment are listed below:

    • 1 Physiolamp- $75.00 per unit
    • 2 Physiolamp- $53.59 per unit
    • 3 Physiolamp- $50.01 per unit
    • 4 Physiolamp- $45.55 per unit

    Among these, the most popular supply as per the official website is 2 Physiolamp supplies and all the supplies are available free of shipping charges. The lamp also comes with a 2-year and 1-year warranty that you can choose from. The Physiolamp manufacturer is also supplying spare bulbs and kinesiology tapes at small prices.

    As of now, Physiolamp red infrared lamp is available for purchase only through the official website. But, there are reports that replicas of the device are sold by third-party online sellers and retail stores taking advantage of its popularity in the market and targeting uninformed customers. To avoid this trap, make sure to visit the official Physiolamp website to purchase the lamp. 

    Final Verdict On Physiolamp Reviews

    From my detailed research and analysis of several Physiolamp reviews, it seems to be an effective infrared lamp that helps treat muscle pain, joint pain, and tissue damage and improves blood circulation. Many people have reported positive results with daily use of the lamp and Physiolamp reviews indicate that this infrared lamp is safe for all.

    The Physiolamp infrared lamp comes with adjustable temperature and angle making it suitable to treat any body parts. Physiolamp is designed in a compact size so that it can be carried anywhere and used as required. As the lamp is created using German technology, you can be assured about its quality and safety. 

    Physiolamp is now available at exclusive discounts through the official website and warranty options are also available. Considering all Physiolamp reviews, this lamp seems to be a legit infrared healing device that is ideal for people with muscle and joint aches and skin grafts. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is Physiolamp safe for all?

    Physiolamp is completely safe for use and can be used anywhere with a power source. The manufacturer has mentioned that it is scientifically proven to be safe and effective. 

    • What is the power of Physiolamp?

    Physiolamp is a high-power infrared lamp with a power of 100W to treat muscle pains, heal burns, and enhance joint functions.  

    • Can the bulb of Physiolamp be changed?

    Yes, you can change the bulb of Physiolamp and spare bulbs are available for purchase on the official website. 

    • Is the temperature of Physiolamp adjustable?

    The temperature and angle of Physiolamp can be adjusted as required making it suitable for use according to each person’s needs. 

    • Is it available for purchase on other websites or retail stores?

    Physiolamp is currently available for purchase only through its official website. But, with the rising popularity of the lamp, some third-party websites and retail stores are selling its replicas. To avoid such pitfalls, purchase Physiolamp only through the official website.


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