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Places Where Covid-19 Cases Are Rising And Falling

Coronavirus causing hospitalizations and deaths are seen continuing to rise in the United States of America carrying virtually all positive cases that seem to involve unvaccinated people. 80% of the population round up to new cases that are caused by the most contagious strain of coronavirus which is the delta variant. 

Places Where Covid-19 Cases Are Rising And Falling

As per the CDC data report, the average cases of new US cases has seen to rise to about 27,000 per day which is 7,000 more than the last week. Meanwhile, the average 7-day vaccine doses that are being administered in the United States have been seen falling to about 530,000 a day. Although overall, the number of new positive cases in the United States has been listed at 224,953 for that week that ended, which is a 62% increase since the last week. 

Places Where Covid-19 Cases Are Rising And Falling

The death rates due to Corvid-19 rose to about 1,734 the last week, which is a 25r% jump from the previous week. This is compared to the 3,000 people who have been dying daily in mid-January, from the disease. The hospitalizations have seen to rise to more than 19,000 which is 4,000 more since the last week. 

Overall, the United States of America has currently reported 34 million Coronavirus cases since the pandemic ever began. The Coronavirus causing deaths in the U.S.A has now crossed 609,000. Recently, on Tuesday, the Delta variant is now reported responsible for 83%  of the new Coronavirus cases in the USA.

It has been added that more than 97% of the people who have been hospitalized with the Covid-19 virus and more than 99% of the population who have been dying recently are all unvaccinated. Experts are concerned about the dramatic rise in the Covid-19 cases, especially where the vaccination rates are low. 

Dr. Jamila Taylor who is known to be the Director of healthcare reform and also known as a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, says that he thinks we should be completely worried and he predicts that the nation will continue to see a rise in cases especially as the vaccinations seem to be lower. During the summer months, many people are seen traveling into the fall.

As per Dr. William Schaffner who is an infectious disease expert from the University in Tennesse, there are two Americas, seemingly, the states that are better vaccinated and those states that are less vaccinated. He adds that he also sees this trend lasting until the future. The Coronavirus and its strains are anticipated to continue to rise due to the extraordinarily transmissible delta variant, he says and continues, it is likely that the states that have lower vaccination rates shall be disproportionately affected and outbreaks will occur. 

The more people stay unvaccinated, it is only going to fuel the spread of the delta strain, Dr. Willian added. It sure is true that the population that is vaccinated can also get infected and contribute to the feeling of the rise in the cases but vaccines have seemed to notably reduce the risk of getting infected. Hence the complete majority of transmission is happening strictly among the unvaccinated people. Both Taylor and Schaffner are seen to be concerned about the uptick in Coronavirus hospitalizations. 

Despite the improvement in the treatments, any individual who has been infected by the virus before, severe enough to require hospitalizations, can ensure that it is not a fun experience, let alone ICU admission, Dr. Willian said. He added that hospitals seem to be hard on your body and spirit, they are no resorts or hotels where you seem to feel relaxed. He said, their founding father who is known to be Ben Franklin, has been right the time he advised them about how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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