Political Greed In US- 6th January 2021: Latest News!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 8, 2022

Victory is something everyone likes but when it becomes greed, it is harmful to oneself and also the members surrounding. Greed on a certain level is acceptable but greed for politics is not something that should be entertained. In order to win, some people choose to work hard and strive for success whereas some choose the wrong path.

Political Greed In US- 6th January 2021: Latest News!

A political career is one such career where interaction with the good and bad happens. Last year was marked by coronavirus where all the people were shut inside, political meetings were on hold, international traveling restricted, and so on. Despite the year of stress and deaths, politics could not be avoided.

Political Greed In US- 6th January 2021

USA’s 2020 presidential election was severely affected by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. However, if there’s a will there’s away. USA’s 2020 presidential election was the much-awaited show with millions keeping an eye on it. The year 2020 marked the last year of Trump’s presidential governance over the USA. People were skeptical about Trump’s win but Trump was not ready to lose. He wanted to try every bit but then greed took over. In order to win lies were said causing much harm and distress to the country. 

Trump said that the elections were manipulated and the elections had noticed a voter’s fraud. Portraying this to be true he kept working with his position in November and December. He was making claims regarding the manipulated votes but however, there was no proper evidence regarding it. Trump and his team continue to promote the lie that helped them initially but later caused them trouble. They kept on promoting false allegations and conspiracy theories regarding the stolen elections, with the help of media allies. Trump had gained much popularity and support through this. His supporters and even others at some part started believing his false actions.

On January 6th, 2020, people marched to the US Capitol to revolt for justice to Trump. The mob had gathered and shown extreme violence halt the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory. Several authorities are trying to understand the violence and the people behind the urge. The misconception of false elections fumed the supporters.

They broke into the US Capitol, started revolting, and causing violence. People started breaking the entrance gates, windows, and doors to enter the Capitol to cause harm to the leaders. The damage caused was so huge that the U.S. Capitol building faced an estimated loss of $ 1.5million in infrastructure and four deaths along with several injuries were seen. 

However, the authorities had a hint of the protest and were well prepared in advance as this is not the first time. But however, they didn’t the violence coming. None were expecting such a rage where the leaders felt a threat to their lives and had to be evacuated in order to protect themselves. There was a sense of fear in the hearts of the leaders and the people.

It is assumed that the rage was caused much after Trump’s tweet and was settled as well after his tweet appealing to people to settle down and return back to their homes. Later, Trump committed to an orderly power of transition. 

How much ever trials, in the end, the good wins over the evil. Later the truth was openly published and said by the currently elected leaders. One must always be well aware of both sides of the coin, before coming to any conclusive actions.

Violence has never been an answer and neither lies have ever brought success. The truth was published making people realize the harm their action on false portrayed claims. Understanding the crust of the words is important.

Nikki Attkisson

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