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Political News: Trump Attacks No. 2 Senate Republican

President Donald Trump continued to attack Republican leaders in recent weeks. The latest in line to receive criticism from Trump was Sen. John Thune, a South Dakotan who is the No. 2 Senate Republican.

Donald Trump appeared visibly angry with Thune as he called him RINO, which meant a republican in name only.

Political News: Trump Attacks No. 2 Senate Republican

He added that he would like to see the great governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, run against Thune in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

Trump Attacks No. 2 Senate Republican

He said that Kristi would do a fantastic job in the US Senate. He also indicated that others are already lining up and South Dakota needed strong leadership.

It is interesting to note that the Republican leader Thune was open in accepting the electoral college results and victory of Joe Biden. This did not go down well with the president, and he was vocal about his displeasure.

Before the electoral college met for voting last month, Thune had said that once somebody goes beyond 270, it is understood that the people have given a clear mandate, and it is time for everybody to move on.

As Congress is all set to formally certify the electoral college results on Jan 6th, Trump has become more aggressive and asking some of his allies to put pressure on Republican leaders to overturn the results of the presidential election.

The president has returned to Washington, and close to 140 house republicans and other leaders are now planning to vote to overturn the electoral results in swing States.

This can lead to some drama on Jan 6th, and several supporters of Trump are also planning protests in Washington.

On the other hand, several Republican leaders have expressed concern over the actions of Trump and said that it could have a severe impact on American democracy.

Some of them said that spreading rumors about the election system of the US is dangerous for democracy across the world.

In recent weeks, Trump has attacked several Republican leaders who did not support him to overturn the election results in their respective States.

Trump is also planning his next Political career, and he considers himself a potential presidential candidate in the 2024 elections.

He is also sending out the message that he would support candidates who are willing to challenge the current house and Senate Republicans who are disloyal to Trump.

Several Republican leaders have criticized Trump for his actions and said that he would not even hesitate for a moment to throw away his loyal when they do not agree with his demands.

Most of the republicans whom Trump has criticized in recent weeks have been loyal to Trump for a very long time.

This is not sending the right message for the Republican leadership, and many people are hesitant to work with Trump in the near future.

Thune responded to the tweets of Donald Trump and said that he was leaving the capital after the vote to override Trump’s Veto of the defense bill.

He said that he understood the way Trump communicates, and it was not surprising to see these kinds of comments coming from Trump.

He also added that there had been no effort to patch things up with the president even though he said that he did not deserve such comments from the president.

This is not the first time Trump has gone aggressive on Republican leaders who did not agree with his demands.

He had even recently rejected the covid relief bill and said that it was a disgrace. The republicans who argued with the democrats for a very long time about the bill were put into an embarrassing situation with the new demands of the president.

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