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Political Updates: Trump Faces Pressure From Multiple Sources

Trump urged a Georgia election investigator to find the fraud in the recently held US elections. The president had openly put pressure on local leaders to overturn the election results in the state.

In the phone call to the leadership election investigator, Trump asked the officials to look into allegations of fraud in Cobb County.

Political Updates: Trump Faces Pressure From Multiple Sources

The call has brought several problems for the president as it can open some legal challenges in the next few weeks.

Trump Faces Pressure From Multiple Sources

Not only that, but Donald Trump is also facing a lot of problems with regard to his recent provocation messages during the US Capitol riots. Several Democrats and other lawmakers have urged to remove Trump using a special amendment.

House democrats are now planning to call vice-President to invoke the 25th amendment in order to remove Trump from office.

This will become a huge embarrassment for the outgoing president and the Republican leaders are unlikely to support this measure. It is likely to cause a lot of political drama in the next few weeks.

House Democrats also planned to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump if the Vice-President does not act before the 24 hours deadline.

Pelosi said that it is important to act with urgency in order to protect the constitution and American democracy.

She said that the president was an imminent threat to the US Constitution and democracy going by the recent actions of the president during the US Capitol riots.

Political analysts are of the opinion that congress is likely to get support for impeaching the president for a second time even if they are not able to get rid of him by way of the 25th amendment.

According to the 25th amendment, the vice president will become the acting president if the majority of the cabinet declared the president as unfit for office.

According to experts, impeachment is a lengthy process as it has to get a simple majority in the house and later move to the Senate. If the president has to be removed, two thirds of the majority must vote in favour of the impeachment.

Several leaders are unhappy with the way Donald Trump behaved in recent days to incite his supporters to attack the US Capitol.

Trump had tweeted several provocation messages that triggered the violence on Wednesday. An investigation is launched to look into the participation of Trump supporters in the riots.

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