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Poll Finds That There Is A Rise In Anxiety Due To Covid

A new poll conducted by the Associated Press- NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, finds out that anxiety among Americans has increased since the outbreak of the Delta variant. More states and school districts are adopting mask and vaccination mandates as the delta variant is causing the country’s hospitals to fill up once again.

It also finds that a majority of citizens want vaccination mandates for movie-goers, sports watchers, and people who attend concerts and crowded events. In addition to this, those traveling by plane and hospital, restaurant, and government workers are being asked to get vaccinated.

Poll Finds That There Is A Rise In Anxiety Due To Covid

As per the poll results, 41% are ‘extremely concerned about themselves and their family member getting infected by the virus. In June, about 20% felt the same way and during the States’ last major surge, 43% were extremely or very worried.

Poll Finds That There Is A Rise In Anxiety Due To Covid

David Bowers, a business analyst aged 42 in the Phoenix suburb of Peoria admitted that he wouldn’t have said this a few years ago, but he no longer has faith in the fact that America can take care of itself. Bowers, a Democrat, and his wife, a public school teacher were both vaccinated early.

They are worried about their two daughters aged 7 and 9, who attend school in a state where the governor, Doug Ducey, a Republican, signed a law to prohibit schools from mandating masks. This obviously means that they will not be allowed to mandate vaccines as well.

Bowers’ family had a short respite from Covid fatigue in the form of a family trip to New York. He said that Covid did not cross their minds at the moment, but felt like the situation was going backward presently. In favor of requiring people to be fully vaccinated against Covid are nearly 6 out of every 10 Americans.

Opposing such measures are just a quarter of the population. Vaccine mandates for health care workers, along with government employees, members of the military, and workers who are in constant contact with the public, are also supported by nearly 6 out of 10 people.

Requiring vaccinations to go out to a bar or restaurant found more opposition, although more were in favor. 51% were for the motion, while 28% were opposed. a little over 60% of the population, which is almost 200 million people, have received at least 1 dose of the vaccine Over 50% of the population has been fully vaccinated.

As of last week, over 75,000 Covid patients were in hospitals. This is a huge increase from a few weeks ago, but it is still significantly lower than the peak number during winter. Records have been set in Florida, Arkansas, Oregon, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Hawaii for Covid hospitalizations in the past few weeks.

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There has been a scramble for beds due to the surge in the delta variant in combination with low vaccination rates. It has been suggested by the findings of the poll that despite rising cases and more concern about the virus, there has not been an increase in the precautionary behavior of Americans since June.

At least half of the people said that they always wear masks around other people avoid large gatherings and try not to travel unnecessarily. As US health officials plan on announcing booster shots to all Americans to increase efficacy, it is clear to see that confidence in the vaccines has not wavered.

The poll results show that around 55% of people support mandating masks around other people while outside their homes while 62% support mask mandates for public agents that interact with people regularly.

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