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Polyp Removed From US President Was Not Harmful

US President Joe Biden underwent surgery for removing his polyp last week. It has been stated by his doctor that the polyp which was growing inside the colon was benign and was still at the pre-cancerous stage. Routine follow-up will be conducted by doing another colonoscopy in the coming 7 to 10 years stated the President`s doctor.

Polyp Removed From US President Was Not Harmful

As per Mayo Clinic, the best way to get rid of colon cancer is to regularly get checked by your doctor before it develops into cancer. O`Connor who is the President`s doctor stated that Joe Biden is quite healthy and is recovering fast.

Polyp Removed From US President Was Not Harmful

His report also suggests that President is showing symptoms of aging as well. President Joe Biden is 79 years old and is America`s oldest president to date.

The surgery for removing the polyp colon took nearly 40 mins. While during the surgery Vice President Kamla Harris took over Presidency. This was the first time in US history that women had taken the Presidency. No major decision was taken under Harris`s Presidency and no bills were also signed at the same time.

The democratic party informed that they are relaxed that President is now out of danger and will soon be back to full form. There will be one week of physical exercise for the President to get over the surgery and is advised to not travel long distances during this mentioned time period. People around the US are happy to learn that their president is well and healthy.

In other news, the US is going ahead with full force for vaccination. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) had earlier stated that if there was another flu outbreak or another pandemic during this time then that would collapse the whole country and the world as well. Due to this, the Biden administration has asked for people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

CDC has earlier stated that there were few vials of smallpox found by a lab cleaning worker in a research facility in Pennsylvania. This has created quite sparks over the medical industry as smallpox had been eradicated fully by 1980. The only vials of the vaccine that is still kept in the US are at CDC for research purpose. This virus is used to create new vaccines for making an advanced GenZ vaccine. However, many people have expressed concern that these vials could be misplaced and this could be a troublesome issue. Investigations are being conducted as to how these vials were left in a research facility in Pennsylvania. 

Another issue that the country could face is that if there is another wave during winter there would be fewer hospital staff. As of now, 20% of the staff are on vacation and during December this number would be 40%. Getting vaccinated is the only way to move ahead and break the covid chain. Many of the companies have asked their employees to get vaccinated if they want to come back to the office within accordance with Biden`s vaccine mandate. 

However, Biden`s vaccine mandate has received many complaints against the opposition and other states as well. Many petitions have been filed against this federal rule. On the other hand, some of the companies have agreed to provide paid leave to their employees who want to get their kids vaccinated.

As per reports from CDC US will achieve 75% vaccination by the end of December and stated that they are nearer to the endemic. Biden administration has also agreed to help out in the global vaccination drive and supply more vaccines to smaller countries.

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