Pompeo Raises Ethical And Legal Questions

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 28, 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to spotlight a gala fundraiser in Florida for a conservative Christian organization. It is an appearance that comes a month before Election Day and could breach legal and ethical instructions. There have been a lot of speculations regarding the same, and Pompeo is all set to enjoy the limelight he is getting. There are questions that he is all set to ask and will have to answer many of them too.

Pompeo raises ethical and legal questions

You can imagine if Pompeo were speaking and going to be a part of an event or a competition or a rally at some other sort of gala event. Everyone could buy a ticket at general admission, it would be one thing, and everyone will love that. But this is not being considered the right time for such a gala event as we have other things lined up, said one of the officials. Joe Biden and Trump are going to have a debate, and the nation wants to see them. The diplomat is going to make his appearance in the event for the fifteenth time on 3rd October.  He made a personal appearance that was provided in a $10,000 table sponsorship in Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to the group, invitations to a VIP event showcasing Pompeo are included in $5,000 and $3,000 table sponsorships, and $500 VIP passes. They have a lot of things to say and justify their case and also made sure that the money raised will be used for good causes,

But where there is a premium put on the secretary’s personal access, I think it crosses a line in terms of ethical constraints, because now you are buying personal access to a member of the government. It goes to the advantage of this non-profit company and does not matter what the non-profit is all about. The line that’s crossed is that it’s granting him private access. It is worth it, or it is just an action to remain in the limelight. Beyond the issue of paying participation, some officials also said there is also the issue of whether speaking at a given event is consistent with the task of the secretary of state. Questions are being raised whether it is so important to do this right now when there are already a lot of things going on.

There is a kind of a matter of presentation that he and his team and, honestly, the ethics team should weigh more about — this is in the best interest of the State Department. The government of the United States should appear in a case like this to demonstrate some form of impropriety considerations about whether the invitation should be approved at all. It’s a little hard to think about what the valid interests of this institution are in US foreign policy, adding that if he were the highest ethics advisor to the US ambassador, he would doubt whether Pompeo should participate.

The Florida Family Policy Council’s (FPPC) mission, according to its website, is To Preserve and Defend Sexuality, culture, Liberty and Family with the help of providing proper education.  What the actual truth is, that is still not known. Whether the money will be used for the causes explained or not this only Pompeo can answer. FPPC says it is one of the country’s 38 state-based policy councils aligned with Emphasis on the Family, Coalition Protecting Independence and Family Research Council. Saturday, FPPC President John Stemberger told CNN that Pompeo had been asked by the group to appear months before, and he is not being paid in any way. When he speaks, they do not plan to use any government seal on the podium or any government backdrop other than the one with the FPPC logo on it, Stemberger said. He said the funds received from the event would go to help our organization’s work.

The event is going to be held just one month before the elections, and the people are asking whether it can be postponed so that they can be a part of the same with peace of mind. At the conservative Values Voters Summit on Tuesday, Pompeo met with President Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. During his time as secretary of state, he has discussed a variety of activities focused on religion and has been vocal about his religious views. The State Department did not respond to concerns regarding the participation of Pompeo in the anniversary gala of the organization. The closeness to the presidential race, Fox said, is a history that you should not forget. Pompeo demolished the established precedent of state secretaries, largely avoiding the domestic political arena, and by speaking at the Republican National Convention, he defied his own State Department rules.

He met with corporate executives and politicians on Wednesday and delivered remarks in the state senate of Wisconsin. As an important political speech to the Wisconsin State Senate, the State Department defended it as to why state lawmakers around our country must be cautious at the subnational level against the malign power of the Chinese Communist Party. When the nation has its eyes set on the upcoming debate where the two candidates are going to face each other and will address the nation on why they are the best ones, Pompeo is all about himself and making foolish things. This event could have been postponed, said one of the officials. We have a huge debate coming up, and the people will be more interested in watching the same. You do not have to do all this just to gain the interest of people. Who will come to attend the event when all eyes are there on the television sets. Joe Biden and Trump are all set to face each other for the biggest debate and leave no stone unturned to prove that they deserve to win. Biden has been quiet for a long time, and the lion is expected to roar loud this time.



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