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Pompeo’s Visit To An Israeli Settlement In Westbank Sparks Outrage

Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to a controversial Israeli settlement has sparked severe outrage among Palestinians. The Secretary of State recently visited a winery in the West Bank that is located in the border region of Palestine.

Pompeo's visit to an Israeli settlement in Westbank sparks outrage

According to the claims made by Palestinians, the land was stolen from them, and even the United Nations had considered this land as illegal. A prominent diplomat from the US visiting such a settlement that is built on controversial territory has sparked severe outrage.

Some members of the Palestine Liberation Organization said that Pompeo had trespassed on their land that was stolen by Israel. They said that Pompeo had done a lot of damage by visiting the settlement and asked him to get back to the US.

The Trump administration had always favored Israel for political reasons and gone aggressively against its rivals on many occasions. The State Department had recently announced two new policy shifts that favored the Israeli government. As per the new policy, products made in such controversial Israeli settlements can now be labelled as Made in Israel when they are imported to the US.

As of now, they are labelled as Made in the West Bank when any product made in this land is imported to the US. This is a complete shift from the long-standing policy of the US government, and it may lead to further controversies in future. Not stopping at that, the Trump administration even labelled the boycott campaign as anti-semitic, thereby providing complete support to Israel.

The announcements were made soon after he told the winery in the west bank region. In a surprising development, several American reporters who travelled along with the state secretary were not allowed to visit the winery along with the Israeli officials.

Soon after the event was over, the state secretary messaged that he enjoyed his lunch at the winery in west Bank. He also said that several businesses had been targeted by the European Union to Boycott products made by Israeli companies. He assured that the US would stand with Israel and not tolerate such forms of aggressive delegitimization by any country.

According to the Palestinians, the Israeli settlements make it impossible for their country to achieve their long-standing wish of establishing a viable state. This did not appeal to many Palestinians who felt that the Trump administration is not considering their problems and supporting Israel just for political reasons.

Many critics also felt the same as Trump has also favoured Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and even announced it officially as the stance taken by the US government. Even though there are many disputed territories in the border region of Israel and Palestine, the US is not ready to consider such issues and completely favour Israel for political gains. Many of the disputed territories are even considered as illegal by the United Nations. When Palestinians have mentioned such considerations by the United Nations, the US declared they offer much support.

The Trump administration has completely favoured Israel by taking a series of controversial decisions. In recent months, the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem, and it was declared as the official capital of Israel. However, long-standing between Israel and Palestine include claims to Jerusalem city and both the countries consider it as their capital. Donald Trump has officially recognized the city as the capital of Israel and completely disregarded the claims made by the Palestinian government.

Even Golan Heights was considered as an integral part of Israel by the US government even though the United Nations has considered this as occupied land. The state secretary also visited this disputed territory and made an official statement that this was the central part of Israel. He even held a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister and extended his greetings on behalf of Donald Trump.

The Israeli leaders also commended the work done by Donald Trump and said that his team has offered good support to the Israel alliance in the last four years. They expect that such support will continue from the US government even in the future.

However, the relations between the US and Israel is likely to continue in the same way even if there is a change in the US administration in the coming months. Israel prime minister has cordial relations with Biden and even congratulate him soon after the US election results. Considering this situation, political analysts field that Israel will continue to get the complete support of the US in future.

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