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Poop, The New Tool To Detect COVID 19 And More!

Scientists have now found an innovative way to use waste; to convert it into a valuable disease detection tool.

The University of California in San Diego reopened its campus for students last summer. From that time, it has been using only tested and proven methods to test and trace contacts. But at present, they added one more tool in their kitty, poop. This tool helped scientists detect 85% of COVID 19 infections in dormitories before they could test students. They are yet to publish their study.

Poop, The New Tool To Detect COVID 19 And More!

A professor of pediatrics and computer science and engineering who helped the university develop its wastewater testing mechanism detected this tool. When they detect COVID 19 in sewage, they test students, teachers, and other staff. This allows the institution to trace asymptomatic infections among them and isolate them. As a result, they are able to stop an outbreak in its track.

Poop, The New Tool To Detect COVID 19 And More

This is one of the hundreds of testing programs at work all over the country. They turn human waste into valuable insights into public health. A great many educational institutions and businesses in the nation are now using human excrement to detect Coronavirus infections among them.

Scientists have quite enthusiastic about this prospect. According to them, human excrement can be used to monitor patterns of infections among the general public. This also does not depend on people being tested.

A person excretes the virus before he shows symptoms of any infection. Thus health experts can use this data to be warned of potential outbreaks.

CDC is quite excited about the tool. It has even created a database of tested samples of wastewater to be of use for States and local health officials. The nation is witnessing a public health tool being used in real-time, researchers say. It is going to have numerous uses other than COVID 19 detection. It will help health experts track other infections and alert the country about them.

Coronavirus infects a great many cells in the body. Lung and gut are just two among them to mention. The RNA of the virus gets into feces and will be there in a person’s excrement. This happens long before the symptoms start appearing.

On campuses like California University, scientists take wastewater flowing from each building. They gather this data from the samples taken from this water. This lets them determine the number of people who may be infected. In other scenarios, they do large-scale testing due to resource constraints and privacy restrictions. Researchers take samples from sewage. These are the solid wastes that gather together at the bottom. A machine or a human extracts this. Man uses a liver at the end of a rod for the purpose.

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When scientists detected viruses in sewages in California, they sent text messages to more than 300 homes in the area. They displayed boards and asked them to get tested for the disease at the earliest.

Israel used this kind of testing to eradicate a polio outbreak in 2013. Certain communities too were doing the same to identify the types of opioids people were consuming.

In rural California, health officials could detect some infections. They sent nurses to the infected persons. They knew that there were more people. They could not identify them because they could not test anyone at the time. Thus they signed up for a free sewage testing program a company named Biobot. It took off as the tool to detect COVID 19 during the pandemic. Today, the company charges a nominal fee to conduct this testing for K12 schools, nursing homes, and offices.

As the Delta variant ravages through the country, when tests are on the decline, researchers want programs like these to be a part of their infrastructure.

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