Post Malone Cancels Boston Concert Due To Difficulty Breathing And Stabbing Pain

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 27, 2022

Post Malone is a famous Circus artist and has gained huge popularity over time. The fans have got additional excitement for his concerts and events. But he was recently hospitalized on Sunday after he experienced a stabbing pain in his chest and was immediately taken to hospital. He also had to cancel this show, which was scheduled to be released in Boston on September 25, 2022. 

The artist confirmed this and this news through his story on Instagram that he is currently admitted to the hospital and is not in a good state of his health for the time being. But he also promised all his fans that he would reschedule this show as soon as he felt better. Most of the fans have sent him good wishes for a speedy recovery so that he again entertains the people as he used to do.

What Exactly Happened To Him? 

It is essential to understand at first that the 27-year-old artist had to experience many injuries after falling from a hole during one of his shows in Saint Louis, which was held on September 17. But then, he only experienced mild pain and got the appropriate medication from the nearby hospital. 

Post Malone Cancels Boston Concert Due To Difficulty Breathing And Stabbing Pain

However, his condition deteriorated over time when he finally experienced a lot of pain in his body, especially around his chest, and he had to be admitted to the hospital immediately. Until now, it is not clear what exactly the problem is, but the doctors will soon release the exact information concerning his current state of health so that the treatment can begin accordingly. This is one of the most important conditions that must be considered at any cost. 

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Scope of Recovery

He is doing good for the time being, but the internal injuries have not unfolded, and it is not yet known whether anything serious has been detected or not. With the help of pain Killers, all the pain that he experienced that night has been mitigated to the minimum possible extent; however, this is not the long-term solution that can be used, and it is only after the reports of different types of scanning come ahead that the exact cause of the pain can be understood and subsequently the treatment can be started. 

So accordingly, it is individual for the fans to allow the star and his family time to recover so they can return on track as soon as possible. The doctors have, however, been hopeful of a speedy recovery because all the essential fundamental measurements of his body are within the correct category. This is the most essential aspect that needs to be taken into a code for deciding the future course of action.

Why are the people so worried? 

Most of people love him like anything because he is always there to connect with his fans. This is probably one of the most important aspects of his life. Now that he is not in proper health most of the fans want to come ahead and give the best contribution they can for promoting speedy recovery. It basically shows the positive relationship that he has been able to maintain with the fans over time. 


It has to be confused that this is one of the best possible pieces of information which will bring a lot of tendencies forward. It is going to affect the mental health of this person over time. That is why it is expected that doctors should give advice with respect to the available force of treatment as soon as possible so that people can stop contemplating

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