Post-Vaccination Menstrual Changes Are Short-Lived!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 1, 2022

Coronavirus is at its peak and it has been compulsory for everyone to get vaccinated so that the vaccine could help your body to fight against the virus by building antibodies that will improve your immune system. There are a few side effects of this vaccination like you can get a fever, or you can have an ache on your hand, or you might be feeling low and there can be a few more side effects that can be cured on their own within a few days. 

Post-Vaccination Menstrual Changes Are Short-Lived!

But keeping all those side effects behind there was a new side effect discovered in women. From the recent data, it was discovered that their menstrual timing is being detained for 0.45 days after taking the second dose of vaccination. Though the first dose didn’t show any side effects like this. Though that side effect of the delayed time period for the menstrual cycle happened once only after that it comes back to normal schedule.

Post-Vaccination Menstrual Changes Are Short-Lived!

Regular and timely menstruation is necessary for a woman’s sound health. According to the survey, women have experienced different kinds of changes in their menstruation like heavier menses, early occurrence of menses, or they are having more painful periods. 

So, according to various surveys, research and study it has been already suggested that COVID-19 post-vaccination can change the menstrual cycle of the women it might be a small change. The data was analyzed by a few authors and also by the Science University in Portland, USA, in which it was seen and observed that there were women who regularly recorded their details in a tracking app called natural cycles. Those details were about their menstrual cycles. The natural cycle is a fertility tracking app that helps in reading how many days a woman is going to be fertile in a month with the help of their body temperature. A total number of 3, 959 women participated in the study and according to that observation, a total of 2, 403 participants were vaccinated and the rest of 1, 556 participants were not vaccinated. Among those participants, those who were vaccinated have taken Pfizer vaccines or Moderna vaccines. The data was collected for six following menstrual cycles.

So from the research, it was found that those women who have received a single dose of COVID vaccine suffered from a little bit of increase in the length of the menstrual cycle which means there was a long time of bleeding between when the menstrual was going to end or half-day before or an average day before the end of the cycle as compared to non-vaccinated women.

 Significantly those who have received double doses of vaccine with a similar time period of menstrual cycle also experienced a little bit of longer length in the cycle than those who have taken a single dose. While there were some of the women, that is 10% of the women experienced a bigger change in the menstruation cycle and that was of increase in days of menstruation and that was some of their cycle ended in 8 days or more. These changes happened for a few days and they came in order or normally after that. 

All the above phenomena about post-vaccination can affect the change in the menstrual cycle as women have their menstrual cycle when there is chemical crosstalk between their brains and ovaries, which can be disturbed or disrupted by some sort of stress, it can be physical stress or emotional stress. 

Getting vaccinated is most important in today’s life as if you would get infected by COVID-19 infection then it could also lead to uncertain changes to periods and also will affect your health and also can become life-threatening for your health and your body. So, it’s better to get vaccinated as early as you can so that we can reduce the effect of the virus and protect your body from this harmful virus. 

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