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Allie Troy | Last Updated : December 11, 2020

This PostLey reviews will help you get a better idea of how this software works at guiding you to engage your social media audience better.

For someone clueless about the algorithms or what content works better, this software can be a life savior. It is a software used to generate traffic effectively on Facebook and Instagram.

PostLey Reviews – Who Is This Suitable For?

Infact, this is the first of its kind in the market. PostLey tries to make digital marketing a hassle free process especially for local or small scale businesses that function on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. From finding a target audience, to creating Ad campaigns that suits best for you, PostLey guides you to better business.

postley review
Product TitlePostLey
Main BenefitsIt optimizes the ad campaign thus giving you a more engaging audience
CategoryTraffic generation platform
SpecificationSoftware with 20 features bundled up under one roof
Availability Only through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

In this PostLey review, we will go through the features, benefits, price, and other factors regarding PostLey software.

What is PostLey Software about?

PostLey software is a traffic generation platform for social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Through PostLey you will be able to create amazing ad campaigns and fuel your traffic with rich and trending content.

It is the first of its kind software with 20 features bundled up under one roof. All your marketing strategies are in one dashboard, and you don’t have to worry about running around trying to boost your content.

As a Facebook and Instagram Ad research software, it optimizes the ad campaign thus giving you a more engaging audience that is solely targeted for your page.

Features of Postley Software

Being the first of its kind software, it does provide you with extensive features. There are 20 assured functions that PostLey promises you. They are various marketing techniques that can legit change your marketing game.

✔️ Smart Ads Spy – This helps you find the best ads that are running presently. Be it a Keyword, a comment on a post, or even a URL, with PostLey software you can analyze what is hyping in the market and use it to boost your product or service. There is an Ad Analytics that comes with PostLey that helps you analyze location, gender, time of huge traffic, and a lot more. With the PostLey features, you get to replicate the best Ad in the market.

✔️ Powerful Graphics Editor – Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily drag and drop quality images that will enhance the posts you upload or boost your Ads? With PostLey you have access to their inbuilt image editor that helps you quickly fix your images to bring out the best.

✔️ 500+ D.F.Y. Templates – Lacking ideas on finding a perfect template? PostLey has you covered, with over 500 plus niches to choose from you will never go out of ideas!

✔️ Social Post Scheduler –  With PostLey you will be able to schedule multiple posts for days or even months in one click. There is no place to worry about missing out on a time to upload, for you will have it all scheduled prior. 

✔️ Social Post Creator – Be it Instagram or Facebook, you can create posts that catch your audience’s eyes spontaneously and help you make quality content.

✔️ C.T.A. Post Creator – Your call to action matters a lot! With PotLey you will be able to easily and effectively C.T.A content that will take your audience directly to your product or service.

✔️ Slide Post Creator – Carousels are trending nowadays! It is necessary to keep up with trends when you are on Social Media. PostLey helps you create amazing carousels or multiple slide images or videos. This helps you if you are selling multiple products or providing multiple services.

✔️ Post Performance Tracker  – You do not need to worry about monitoring your content when you have PostLey. You will be able to track down your best post and convert them into Ads that’ll be a game-changer. With this, you will be paying less for Ads.

✔️ Ads Campaign Creator – PostLey gives you a 10x better campaign creator especially for your Facebook page. Be it any objective, like conversion, traffic, brand awareness, with PostLey software you will be able to create multiple campaigns.

✔️ AdSet Creator – you can easily create an Ad-Set in any of the Ad campaigns that are existing.

✔️ Hidden Facebook Interest Audience Finder – With PostLey you can find cheaper ways to grab onto a Hyper-Relevant Hidden Facebook Interest Audience that is not available on the Facebook Ad manager. This is comparatively cheaper as well.

✔️ Related Interest Suggestions – You have access to a better target audience instantly as you search for related interests in regards to the interest search you make.

✔️ Ads Scheduler – Generating interaction is very important. The more you can engage with your audience through your images, videos, and stories, the better your chances of being the best. With Ad Scheduler, you can easily manage, schedule, or S.E.T. your Ads according to your highest engaging posts and Hidden Facebook interest Audience finder.

✔️ Winning Audience Finder – This helps you get to an unlimited list of targeted audiences that would help you get an effective and engaging audience for your products and services.

✔️ Top Account Audience Finder – With this, you can find out the best audience that will help your business profit better.

✔️ Ads Performance Tracker – You can know how your ad is doing with this tracker. You do not need to worry, as it automatically updates and manages your Ads and gives you updates on which Ad is doing best.

✔️ Viral Hashtag Generator – With this, it becomes easy to figure out the trending hashtags that can boost your product or service.

✔️ Caption Creator –  No need to fret wondering how to get creative with your caption. This feature helps you figure out the best caption for your product or service that can also convert later into campaign posts.

✔️ Multi-Language Dashboard – Are you a non- English speaker? This software is customized for non-English speakers as it functions in multiple languages.

✔️ Workspace & Team Management – The software provides you with a clear and chaotic free space where you can create different spaces for clients as well as add people to manage your page.

PostLey software

How does it work?

There are mainly four steps to how PostLey works. So far mentioned in the PostLey reviews, they are easy and make your experience of using social media as a business space easier.

  • SPY –  Spy on the best ads out there and replicate them to your need and fit to create a highly engaging post.
  • CREATE – Create the best of images, videos, stories with the inbuilt drag and drop Image-editor. You also have the Social Post Creator to make winning posts.
  • AUTOMATE – Automatically track high- performing Post. you can convert these into campaigns that can get up to 10x more reach!
  • PROFIT – Scan your hidden audience as well as your best audience and turn them into your profit!

Is Postley Worth the effort?

PostLey software costs $47 and this is a one-time investment. This is by far one of the best software if you are someone making money through social media. You have all your digital marketing strategies and techniques as well as content creation ideas and niches bundled up into one software.

It is recommended in the PostLey review that this makes it worth your investment as you do not have to spend separately on different needs which could cost you a lot more. The software also helps you track, analyze, and manage your Ads at a cheaper price.

PostLey features

Who is suitable for?

PostLey software is useful for anyone looking into managing or boosting their social media platforms. It is best apt for local businesses, bloggers, and social media influences.

Anyone looking to sell their products or services through Facebook and Instagram will find PostLey extremely helpful and efficient to make a long term profit.

Postley Bonuses

You get a good 26 bonuses along with PostLey. This is way beyond any lottery you could hit!

  • Super Graphics Pack
  • Digital Graphics Firesale
  • 500 Premium Background images
  • Button Creator
  • Screencast Pro Bonus Graphics Pack
  • 25 Logos
  •  27 Eye Catching Facebook Ad Images
  • 30 Stunning Website Icons
  • 20 Background Images
  • Supercharged Graphics Pack
  • 3D Male Character Graphics
  • Ultimate Minisite Templates
  • 15 Impressive Timeline Covers
  • 20 Retargeting Ad Images
  •  WP Store Press
  • Instagram Traffic
  • Pinterest Perfection
  • Finally Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook and Profit!
  • Low-Cost Web Traffic Surge
  • Lead Avalanche
  • Traffic Extreme
  • Instant Traffic Mastery
  • Like, Share & Follow

How can you get hands on Postley?

You can download or subscribe to PostLey through their official website. It is at present available through their website alone, to avoid any scams.

Final Thoughts about Postley software

PostLey reviews by customers show how satisfied they are after using the software for their digital marketing purposes. If you are someone who has a local or online business and wishes to sell your products in a far effective and efficient manner, this software can take you there. If you are an Instagram influencer or someone providing services, PostLey will help you reach out to a larger audience and helps you find engaging content and ad campaign ideas.

All in all, the software defines what it does and stays true to it.

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