Postpartum Depression: How Long Does It Last?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 27, 2022

Pregnancy is one of the essential periods in the woman’s life in which she experiences changes in her body and her mental well-being. In such a situation, it would be fitting to mention that a woman’s whole pregnancy is a roller coaster ride. It is one of the most valuable and essential events of life in which she brings a new life to this planet earth. It is necessary to understand that she has to undergo a lot mentally during this period of 9 months and even after delivery. She has to experience mood swings and irritation. 

It is also because after giving birth, a body usually undergoes a lot of hormonal adjustments, due to which these mood swings can become very common. She experiences joy and sadness at the same time. But a recent report has highlighted that sadness and anxiety are very high after postpartum recovery. All of this is becoming one of the most important reasons for increasing incidences of depression in these women. But the critical question that arises is the time taken for the recovery. This time taken for recovery is essential because until and unless a woman does not recover from these incidents, the possibility of developing a better tomorrow cannot occur. 

What Is The Ambit Of Postpartum Depression? 

It is a kind of clinical depression that usually happens after giving birth to a baby. The exact cause which the particular type of depression that occurs in women after giving birth is not known, but most doctors quote biological changes and hormonal imbalances, including stress, to be the reasons for this kind of depression. 

Postpartum Depression

A lot of changes in the Lifestyle also induce the possibility of this kind of depression. The first one is the lack of sleep and the lack of rest that your body needs to cope with the changes. It is also essential to note that an increase in the amount of responsibility and the feeling of isolation and confusion can also propound this kind of depression. 

How Long Does It Last? 

According to a recent report published by the University of Oxford, it has been propounded that this depression lasts for around 7 weeks. But this is a very subjective case and is usually different in different women. For some women, it can be as short as two weeks, and for some, it can be as long as 6 months at a stretch.

 It all depends upon how you will cope with this kind of depression and, at the same time, how your family tries to support you. Family support is equally important to get away from this kind of depression after delivery because it is impossible for a woman to handle a new baby all by herself. 

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Most Women must be supported during this time instead of judged. It is also essential to talk to your partner about all of this. If you talk to your partner, it is automatically feasible for you to get rid of this problem. Sharing responsibility between both parents is also an effective way to get rid of this issue. This is important for long-term efficacy. 


It can be concluded that all of this is extremely important in the long run in order to support existing challenges in life. It is supportive in order to mention the changes so that it becomes possible for the individuals to understand that bringing a new life onto this earth is definitely not easy. A lady has to undergo a lot in this process.


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