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Power Company In US Sued For $100 Million Over Death Due To Hypothermia

The winter storm in the United States had resulted in huge destruction, especially in Texas. This includes water supply blockage and power outages. 

In a devastating event, a US family lost a young boy due to hypothermia due to the ongoing power outage issues. The family has filed a case against the state electricity board for about $100 millions.

According to the Houston Chronicles, 11 years old Cristian Pineda shared a room with his family members to stay warm during the power outages. A family of 5 used to stay together for warmth.

Power Company In US Sued For $100 Million Over Death Due To Hypothermia

But the boy while sleeping beside his younger brother went into hypothermia. He died soon after. His mother found the boy unresponsive who was lying under a pile of blankets in the bed. The family has shifted to Texas two years back. They were residing in a mobile home. The 40 years old mobile home had poor insulation ans the temperatures that night were reported in single digits. 

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has switched off electricity for many houses. Cristian’s house was one among those. ERCOT is responsible to administer electricity throughout state.

Power Company In US Sued For $100 Million Over Death Due To Hypothermia

According to the family lawyer Tony Buzbee ERCOT along with the particular energy provider Entergy, made decisions for profit only. The young boy who saw the snowfall on Monday was reported dead on Tuesday. 

Buzbee added that people are dying because the power companies are putting profit over the welfare of people and Entergy and the ERCOT must held accountable for their deaths. 

Buzbee said that the extreme weather condition warning was forecasted ad warnings were already given but still the ERCOT and Entergy both didn’t give heed to the warnings. They failed to take any actions to tackle with the extreme weather advisory and to avoid such crisis. According to Buzbee the power companies were not prepared at all for such conditions.

Cristian lived with his family of five in Conroe. It is a town situated on the northern fringes of the Houston metropolitan area.

According to Cristian’s family the young boy was not suffering from any underlying health condition or diseases that led to his death. His autopsy reports are still awaited.

When ERCOT was reached to comment on the lawsuit, they simply said that the lawsuit is not reviewed by the organization yet.

They clarified in the statement that their thoughts lie with all the residents of Texas who have suffered and are still suffering due to the past week. 

They also said that about 46% of the privately owned generators tripped offline on Monday. They are however confident about this decision. They said that the choice is right as it avoided a statewide blackout. 

However, Mr. Buzbee said that they can’t deny the accountability of the deaths and that more lawsuits are awaited by the ERCOT.

Texas is facing the coldest weather of the decades and is recently in the mid of the extreme winter weather conditions. 

A major disaster declaration was issued by President Joe Biden. The declaration was released for 77 of the worst-hit counties in Texas. The declaration has given authority to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Homeland Security Department to assist the relief operations in their best interest. Both organizations will coordinate to work together in the disaster relief efforts. 

The extreme weather conditions in the south and the winter storms in Texas has impacted peoples lives adversely. The disaster represents the very first domestic crisis that hit during President Biden’s presidency. He said that he was planning to visit the state but is afraid that this should not interfere with the ongoing relief work in different counties of the state. 

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