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Powerful Winter Storm Has Caused Inconvenience In Northern California

A powerful storm accompanied by heavy rains and snow resulted in mudslides and debris flows. A Monterey County woman has succumbed to injuries, and as many as 25 structures were reported damaged.

Powerful Winter Storm Has Caused Inconvenience In Northern California

Dorothy Priolo, Monterey County Deputy Marshal, informed CNN that the woman was trying to escape her home during the mudslide. But, seems like she didn’t succeed and was injured due to a mudslide. As her injuries were not life-threatening, she was released from a local hospital after receiving proper treatment.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued flood warnings and advisories after heavy rainfall in the area. Some places in Monterey County have received evacuation orders due to the flood-like conditions. NWS Bay area tweeted that heavy rainfall resulting in a potentially isolated thunderstorm is likely to continue throughout the day.

Powerful Winter Storm Has Caused Inconvenience In Northern California

Priolo confirmed that the evacuation orders in Monterey County had affected almost 4,000 residents.

The rain and thunderstorm that resulted in mudslides and debris flows have also impacted constructed structures. At least 25 structures, including homes and outbuildings, are reported damaged due to the mudslides and debris. Priolo mentioned that the structures damaged are mostly ranch-style properties. In some cases, even if the home is not affected by mudslides and debris, other buildings on such properties may have been impacted.

The areas that are impacted most by the thunderstorm and its aftereffects are the ones that still have scars of the previous wildfires. In Santa Cruz County alone, at least 5,000 residents were evacuated earlier this week. The precautionary step was taken after the rain and thunderstorm prediction.

Transport was also affected by the closure of Interstate 80 after heavy snowfall at the Sierra Nevada. Interstate 80 is the crucial artery that links Northern California and Nevada. 

California Highway Patrol confirmed on a tweet that Interstate 80 is closed due to multiple spin-outs in eastbound at Colfax and westbound at the Nevada state line. 

NWS Sacramento also predicted the rain and heavy snowfall to be continued for the day. It is also admitted that isolated thunderstorms can likely follow.

The storm is bound to move southward and is likely to hit those areas severely which are left barren after wildfires. The national weather service claimed that an atmospheric river picking moisture from the Pacific Ocean is likely to precipitate about 2-6 inches of rainfall accompanied by heavy winds speeding at 50 mph. The phenomenon is likely to last till Friday. 

Mountains are expected to receive several feet of snowfall. The California Highway Patrol has issued warnings regarding the repeated closure of the Tejon Pass. The Tejon pass is a north-south freeway mountain route. The route connects Southern California and the central valley. Heavy snow and wind blow might result in the closure of the route several times.

Shelter homes are also opened for the homeless after the rain and storm. 

The storm has resulted in power failure in many areas in Northern California. Most placed have yet not resumed the power supply. Many trees were uprooted by heavy winds flowing at speeds greater than 60 mph during the thunderstorm. This has resulted in heavy traffic and travel delays.

Power down has also affected the light rail service in Sacramento. Though most services are resumed, the blue line is likely to face interruptions for some more time. 

After the havoc caused by heavy winds, rain, and snow, the weather forecast is positive about the weekend. The impact of the atmospheric river is going to last till Friday. Though light showers can be expected on Saturday, that could stretch to Monday next week. Mountain snow is most likely to be on a break on weekends only to return in the form of showers on late Sunday or Monday. Safety advisories need to be followed before planning anything.

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