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Present Decline In COVID Surge Just A Pause, Doctors Fear

According to CDC, August was the month in which the country witnessed the most deaths among pregnant women due to COVID 19.

The situation was stressful for doctors too. They too say that handling this surge and taking care of pregnant women when combined, is not an easy job.

Present Decline In COVID Surge Just A Pause, Doctors Fear

They fear that this is just a small lull before the next surge in infections. The stress had its impact on their life, they said. They also fear that this is just a pause before another surge.

Present Decline In COVID Surge Just A Pause, Doctors Fear

Last month was the deadliest for pregnant women suffering from COVID 19, CDC said. And doctors worry that the current decline in infections is a brief pause. The pandemic may be preparing for another attack, they say. CDC requested pregnant women to receive their shots against COVID 19 as early as possible. COVID 19 hospitalized more than 22000 pregnant women.  160 among them succumbed to the disease. The number of deaths last month was 22.

COVID 19 makes a pregnant woman severely ill. It affects even newborn babies. This creates a situation when doctors will have no choice, but to recommend immature delivery. They then have to take the infant to the intensive care unit to care for its health.

The concerning situation is that not even one-third of pregnant women are fully protected against the virus. Last month was the deadliest in 2021, CDC said. It is urging all pregnant women to get vaccinated as early as possible.

The rate of vaccination among pregnant women at present is only 31%.

CDC had recently published a health advisory in this regard. It warned that COVID 19 may cause immature or stillbirth.

A presentation from the Infectious Disease Society of America attests to this observation. According to it, a pregnant woman is prone to COVID 19 putting even the unborn infant at risk.

Up to 130000 pregnant women in the country have been tested positive for COVID 19. And over 5000 among them took part in the vaccine-safety monitoring program. Up to 50% of them received the Pfizer vaccine. 44% received the Moderna shot. And 5% got the one from Johnson & Johnson.

The program helped CDC determine that COVID 19 vaccines available today are safe for pregnant women. The risk of abortion is minimal. Breakthrough infections, as always, are mild or moderate. And they go on their own without hospitalization.

They evaluated the risk of a miscarriage after matching other criteria like the age of the mother. It showed that the risk remains the same as that of healthy mothers.

Furthermore, unvaccinated pregnant women, if infected with COVID 19, will require more ventilator support and intensive care treatment when compared to those vaccinated.

CDC also studied the babies born to immunized mothers. It found that the risk of stillbirth, birth defects, and premature birth are almost similar to those born to healthy mothers. Scientists from HealthPartners Institute also informed the agency that there exists no link between vaccination and stillbirth.

Vaccinated pregnant women, during the time period of December through July, delivered 11000 live births and had 26 stillbirths.

Most of the complications were the results of other risk factors like obesity, diabetes, and other health risks.

These studies should reassure pregnant women concerned about the safety of vaccines, doctors say.

Are you worried about putting alien substances in your body? Your doctor says, when infected with COVID 19, the professional will have to inject lots of medicines into it.

Get vaccinated irrespective of your age, gender, or health condition. That is the only available tool to protect you from the clutches of the Delta variant.

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