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President Biden Decides To Move On With Trump’s Acquittal

Former president Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate on Saturday. Trump was impeached for inciting the mob that led to the Jan 6 riots at the Capitol. 

President Biden and other democrats have to accept the decision. 

President Biden has to deal with the current pandemic and the worsening economy of the States at this time. He plans to visit Wisconsin and Michigan this week regarding these situations. It is the very reason that president Biden just wants to move on and doesn’t care much about the impeachment trial of Trump.

President Biden Decides To Move On With Trump’s Acquittal

House Democrats were willing to call upon witnesses during the trial. But it appears that Delaware Sen. Chris Coons also a close Biden confident, tried his best that the trial doesn’t prolong for indefinite time by calling of witnesses. 

The trial concluded with natural results.

President Biden was focused on his presidential work throughout the trial. When the trial is finally concluded and acquitted Trump, President Biden is still working on pandemic relief bill. 

President Biden will address the nation on Tuesday at CNN Town hall in Milwaukee. He will talk about the health and economic crises in the country.

President Biden Decides To Move On With Trump’s Acquittal
Donald Trump, Joe Biden.

He is planning to visit a Pfizer facility in West Michigan on Thursday. This facility is responsible to pump out covid-19 vaccine.

The pandemic relief legislation is being pushed by the public and private sectors. It is expected to include prominent Oval office meetings. These are likely to conclude before the Munich Security Conference on Friday. President Biden is going to speak with world leaders on this virtual gathering.

Boris Johnsons, prime minister UK, has said in a press statement that he already had talked with president Biden and the conversation was fantastic and full of the ideas by president Biden. Boris Johnsons had signaled that the two nations ar going to talk about various issues including climate change. 

But it is still unclear if president Biden is going to receive any support from the Congressional Republicans for his legislative matters.

House speaker Nancy Pelocy was upset about the trial and said that she has seen a cowardly group of Republicans in the senate. While condemning the minority leader Mitch McConnell she said that a disingenuous speech was delivered. She said that she always looks forward working with leaders of other party. Now she regrets about such a speech. 

Del. Stacey Plaskett also was angry about the acquittal and said that the conviction of Trump should have required more Republicans with a spine. Plaskett served as a prosecutor in Senates trial. 

Democrats were frustrated about the acquittal of Donald Trump. Pelocy demanded for the creation of a commission. The commission, similar to that of 09/11 terrorists attack, will investigate further into the facts, causes and security related to the Capitol assault incident by a violent mob on Jan. 6. She said that the incident was a terrorist attack on capitol.

The idea was backed up on Sunday by Coons who said that when the investigation is possible by the 9/11 style, then why to waste time on months of investigations for the Jan. 6 incident.

President Biden was again neutral on the idea of a commission. Jen Psaki, White house spokesman, announced that the decision of creating a commission is on the Congress. 

President Biden even hadn’t said much about the trial before it concluded finally on Saturday. He just said that he just wanted to see what his Republican friends would stand by.

Trump was acquitted by 57-43 on Saturday with at least 7 Republicans who voted for his conviction. The other Republicans who vote to acquit were however held Trump morally responsible for the riots. 

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