President Biden’s Fight Against The Virus And His Setbacks

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 25, 2022

The Omicron variant has taken its toll on the United States, marking new peaks America has ever seen. Biden’s administration and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention went hand in hand to fight this pandemic.

President Biden’s Fight Against The Virus And His Setbacks

The setbacks and hurdles faced by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, were tackled smoothly. Biden fought against the virus and also looked into other priorities, but the pandemic became severe, it questioned Biden’s way of handling and judging his presidency. Whatever decisions he makes, he has a price to pay, forcing him to make decisions with less effect.

President Biden’s Fight Against The Virus And His Setbacks

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention workers figured out that the virus is spreading by vaccinated people, and being vaccinated doesn’t prevent people from getting infected or spreading it. But Biden’s strategy to end the pandemic was through vaccines.

His administration focused only on vaccinating people, as it may be a path out of the pandemic. It turns out Biden made the right decision by vaccinating people. His administration vaccinated around 85 percent of the people from age of 12 and older, with at least one dose of vaccination.

As CDC’s latest discovery about vaccines being the best solution to fight Covid-19. This strategy has put the condition of America in a better position to fight the virus compared to the situation a year ago. With schools and business places open, and low death rates, vaccination has significantly reduced the chance of severe illness or death from all the variants of Covid-19.

Opinions from the former administration officials, public health experts on Biden’s way of fighting the contagious threat Covid-19, and found some major setbacks.

The administration failed to focus on the severity of the other variants, even though there were clear signals of its effect from other countries. It mainly focused only on getting the people vaccinated, though it was clear by then that vaccines can not prevent the spread of viruses.

The administration didn’t focus on consistent testing of people. They didn’t increase the supply of at-home test kits, while delta was on peak. People couldn’t get themselves checked to know if they are infected or not, because of the lack of availability of test kits.

As people started to revolt against wearing masks and getting a vaccine, The president was pushed to an edge, and instead of forcing the people to follow the safety measures, he accomplished it by persuasion. Even though omicron spread has started to decline in some parts of the country.

Mr. Biden has to face economic and political pressure amidst fighting the pandemic. To prevent the spread, decisions like lockdown can lead the country into the worst recession.

After a year of Biden’s fight against the pandemic, the administration now heads on to the second year of battle against the pandemic. As this pandemic shows that variants have the potential to turn the situation into a crisis, Biden’s presidency is expected to fight the pandemic more carefully this year.

Dr. Tom Frieden, the former CDC director, shared his opinion on some possible outcomes by the end of the Omicron wave. The severity of omicron may reduce, the virus weakens and it may become more like a common cold; a cluster of outbreaks can be expected, or a new variant combining both Omicron and Delta may emerge.

Dr. Friden advised the administration to be prepared for the worst and not to be optimistic. Former advisers of Biden’s said omicron may never end, and by the end of this wave, it should be accepted that Covid-19 is going to stay with us.

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