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Former President Donald Trump Faces More Investigations

Former President, Donald Trump’s cup of woes seems to be overflowing with five independently elected investigators launching a probe into his actions now that the protections he once enjoyed when in the Oval Office. are no longer in place.

Former President Donald Trump Faces More Investigations

While most of the elected officials are Democrats, notably, one is a Georgia Republican who had come in for severe criticism from Trump following the election. The officials from New York to Georgia to Washington will only listen to constituents from the respective constituencies.

Former President Donald Trump Faces More Investigations

Also, Trump’s actions while demitting office and the attempted overturning of the election results, egging his supporters with claims of fraud that ended up in their storming the US Capito, will only make him more vulnerable, according to commentators. 

According to Daniel R Alonso, who was a top deputy to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance from 2010 to 2014, it had never happened in US history, but every single one of those prosecutors and attorneys general had more than sufficient predication to investigate what they were investigating.

To add to Trump’s problems in New York, investigators had recently got access to Trump’s tax returns. They had also got on board a prosecutor with specialized knowledge of complex financial cases. Another prosecutor in Georgia, early this week, will call for subpoenas from a grand jury.

According to Elie Honig, a former state and federal prosecutor, the world had changed for Donald  Trump, legally, now that he was no longer president. Honig added that Donald Trump tried to delay civil suits against him; he tried to delay subpoenas against him while he was president. With all of that gone now, multiple federal and state investigators took a deep hard look at Donald Trump at his actions. 

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, the focus of attention is Vance, who had been investigating Trump’s finances for 2 years. Vance is not expected to seek reelection.

He had 10 months to go before his term ends, which sets a timeline, according to some, for closing his investigation. 

CNN quoted Anne Milgram, a former attorney general for New Jersey and former federal prosecutor, saying that it was likely that the case if charged, would be charged before Vance left office.

She added that was 10 months away, which was a long time in a criminal investigation — and because the DA’s office had noted earlier that there were statutes of limitation timing issues.

Witnesses had already been interviewed by prosecutors and documents subpoenaed from lenders, an insurance broker and others. Also, last month, a former federal prosecutor with exposure to complex financial investigations had joined the team.

Investigators had also been granted access to financial records, including tax returns, financial statements and communications between the Trump Organization and Trump’s long-time accountant, Mazars. The move came after the Supreme Court nixed Trump’s latest attempt to deny Vance access to those records.

Milgram added that she thought the goal would be to move quickly, and if they believed a crime had been committed, they would move to present the case to the grand jury within months, not years.

Vance, the son of a former US secretary of state and Washington insider, had mostly been a white-collar criminal defense lawyer during his legal career. After running for district attorney, he was sworn into office in 2010 following a run of over three decades by his predecessor Robert Morgenthau.

He had followed an innovative approach in investigating some cases, and in 2019, his office had been able to obtain the first conviction over charges of domestic terrorism. 

However, some of his victories had attracted controversy.

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