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Allie Troy | Last Updated : September 1, 2021

Psoriasis Strategy Reviews (Updated) – You are probably here because you heard about the Psoriasis Strategy book in some Psoriasis related forum and wanted to learn more about it. Well you’ve come to the right place.

If you are someone who suffers from psoriasis like I once did, you know very well how horrible it can be. And like me, you probably have tried all the various treatments such as emollients, steroid creams like topical corticosteroids, vitamin D creams, immunosuppressive drugs, phototherapy and even light therapy, but to no avail.

An Overview on Psoriasis Strategy Ebook

Psoriasis Strategy Reviews
Program TitleThe Psoriasis Strategy
Main BenefitsGet complete relief from psoriasis without the use of drugs
Psoriasis Strategy CreatorJulissa Clay
Price$48.00 (Check for Discount)
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityThrough Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

According to a study conducted by the CDC, more than 7.4 million American adults suffer from psoriasis. But while there are robust clinical, biomedical and public health efforts to address conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, similar efforts are less common for psoriasis and related conditions as they are nonfatal. That is probably why there is still no cure for it in conventional medicine. 

However, only a person suffering from psoriasis knows that in fact, it is nothing less than fatal. It is no coincidence that they are associated with an increased risk of depression. The pain and humiliation that comes along with psoriasis will eventually drive you to death. 

But you won’t find many Psoriasis Strategy reviews, because frankly, other than those who suffer from it, people really don’t care! 

That is why I decided to write this Psoriasis Strategy reviews, so that more people suffering from psoriasis can benefit from it, like I have done.

What is the Psoriasis Strategy?

Psoriasis Strategy is a comprehensive eBook that details a 4-week program which promises to give you complete relief from psoriasis without the use of drugs, medications, hospital visits or any special equipment.

You and I both know that first of all, psoriasis isn’t a skin condition. The red or purple, itchy and scaly patches on the skin are rather the symptoms of a more underlying problem – an inflammation problem, that is connected to our immune system going wrong.

While conventional medicine like creams and ointments focus on the symptoms, the Psoriasis Strategy takes a different approach. The strategy focuses on tackling psoriasis from a completely different angle by focusing on the real cause of the condition rather than working on the symptoms.

Even though the exact cause of psoriasis still remains unknown, scientists say it has something to do with the immune system of T-cells and other white blood cells in our body called neutrophils. 

T-cells normally defend against foreign objects in the body like viruses and bacteria. It is believed that in those of us suffering from psoriasis, our immune system malfunctions and our fighter cells, the T-cells, attack healthy skin by mistake. This T-cell activity leads to ongoing, chronic inflammation and this inflammation leads to the red or purple, flaky, itchy skin condition that psoriasis sufferers are used to.

What science doesn’t know is what causes these T-cells to malfunction in the first place. Doctors and Scientists believe that the key factors involved are the immune system and genetics.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, which means the body attacks itself. As for genetics, it is understood that around one-third of the people with psoriasis report a family history of the disease. 

But genes alone don’t cause psoriasis. In fact, a flare-up of psoriasis typically starts with a trigger. The Psoriasis Strategy focuses on these triggers. So the Psoriasis Strategy is essentially a guide on Psoriasis and how to control the triggers that cause it. 

Features of Psoriasis Strategy

We already know that psoriasis is an inflammation problem that is connected to the immune system going wrong.  There are several personal environment factors that trigger the inflammation. The Psoriasis Strategy focuses on the three of the most important among these factors:

Features of Psoriasis Strategy

1. Diet

What we eat and drink has a major impact on your health. In fact, we are made of the food that we eat. So naturally, if we change the food we eat, then we change the body that we end up with.

The Psoriasis Strategy, however, isn’t specifically about “dieting” or “restrictions”, but rather about adopting some gentle habits. You don’t have to give up eating chocolate, desserts, pancakes or even ice cream. Because for every item you stop eating, there are healthy alternatives.

These alternatives suggested in the Psoriasis Strategy isn’t something new, but something that you have probably not noticed before. After a few days of consuming these, you will realize how good they are, as it will leave you feeling much more healthier.

2. Lifestyle

Aside from your diet, your  lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that affect your health. Many studies show that factors like stress, mindset, sleep and movement can have a major impact on a psoriasis sufferer. So working on these can significantly improve your condition.

But this is easier said than done. Stress, for example, is a normal part of human life – all the more for someone suffering from psoriasis. Modern living creates ongoing, low-level background stress. There are always things to be done, relationships to navigate, routines to be observed and deadlines to be met. This is unavoidable.

The Psoriasis Strategy gives you simple step by step plans to gradually decrease your stress, improve the quality of your sleep, better your movement and change your mindset.

3. Man-Made Products

This might come as a shock to you, but you are voluntarily storing and using poisons in your own household, that is directly contributing to your psoriasis condition. I’m talking about house cleaning chemicals. Julissa points out that even if used as directed, house cleaning chemicals are effectively poisons in our personal environment. And for a person suffering from psoriasis, it becomes a trigger that will kickstart the condition. 

The same is the case with soaps, shampoos, perfumes and the like, that you blindly choose from your local convenience store. The Psoriasis Strategy helps you make informed choices and this can go a long way in improving your condition.

The Psoriasis Strategy also gives you information regarding some natural remedies to the scaling and itching that comes with psoriasis. These purely natural lotions are unlike the synthetic creams and lotions that have many side effects.

Besides, the Psoriasis Strategy doesn’t just dump a huge amount of information and expect you to get on with it. Instead, it gives you new and inspiring steps, one at a time, so that you will be continually moving forward and taking better control of your condition.

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How does the Psoriasis Strategy work for you?

The Psoriasis Strategy isn’t an instant fix. But it is a fairly quick fix and definitely a lasting one. You will start noticing improvements to your condition quite quickly, but the program takes four weeks to start making dramatic changes.

If you go to the official website, you will find a Psoriasis Strategy video that is a detailed case study of  one of the users of the ebook, Sam Johnson, who found relief from psoriasis after suffering from the condition for 14 long years. He also testifies that he hasn’t had any psoriasis symptoms for almost a year to date.

In healthy people, new skin cells are produced at the deepest level of the skin. They then move up gradually until they reach the surface, die and flake off. This whole process takes three to four weeks. So it’s no wonder that the Psoriasis Strategy takes at least four weeks to work.

But once it begins to work, you will see dramatic changes. If it doesn’t the Psoriasis Strategy comes with a 60-day guarantee. If your psoriasis hasn’t gone within 60 days of buying the program, you can have your money back.

Psoriasis Strategy

About Julissa Clay

The Psoriasis Strategy is designed and authored by Julissa Clay. She is the renowned author of various successful health improvement strategies including the Fatty Liver Solution, the IBS Strategy, and the Shingles Solution. 

Julissa Clay has been active in Psoriasis forums for a long time, providing health and lifestyle advice to patients before finally putting her program into a follow-along 4-week plan. For each element of her program, Julissa’s strategy is to explain what’s going wrong, why it goes wrong and how you can put it right.

What Benefits can you expect by using The Psoriasis Strategy

1. Clear and healthy Skin

The biggest embarrassment of living with psoriasis is the itchy and scaly skin. Every single day there will be someone who notices you for the first time. And you know exactly what they’ve noticed. It is humiliating and leaves you feeling self-conscious. It affects even your romantic life as you keep wondering if they are repulsed by your skin. It is worse than the constant itching and irritation you feel die to the condition of your skin.

The best benefit of using the Psoriasis Strategy is that you are guaranteed to have clear and healthy skin. Once you complete the main program, you will no longer have to worry about the dry, flaky and itchy patches of skin as it will be replaced by younger and healthier looking skin that you can gladly show off.

2. Better sleep

Another lifestyle factor that can trigger your psoriasis is lack of sleep. Sleep is a detoxifier. It’s during deep sleep that the body calms and switches functions down. That’s why quality sleep can have a positive impact on your overall well being. But when you don’t get enough sleep waste builds up and the immune system then has to start fighting infection. In a person suffering from psoriasis, this leads to inflammation, which in turn makes the condition even worse. The Psoriasis Strategy provides you with sleep habits that improve sleep in just two days. Following these habits will make sleeping that much more satisfying and also minimize the risk of triggering psoriasis.

3. Healthier Joints

Most psoriasis sufferers complain of joint pains as their condition worsens. Psoriatic arthritis affects up to 30% of people suffering from psoriasis.

There are many studies that confirm that continuous sitting increases low-grade inflammation. That is why regular movement is crucial to those suffering from psoriasis. The Psoriasis Strategy provides simple cures for too much sitting that can be easily followed by anyone. Following these strategies will give you healthier joints and reduce the risk of triggering psoriasis.

4. Positive mindset

The better your mental health, the less likely you’ll trigger psoriasis. However, suffering from psoriasis naturally affects your mental health, which is why psoriasis sufferers are associated with an increased risk of depression. It is a paradox.

The Psoriasis Strategy provides you remedies for the negative thoughts that will transform the way you think. You will be less worried about what people think of you, as you become a strong and independent thinker. You will have a healthy, self-approving and an overall positive mindset.

Where to get The Psoriasis Strategy Pdf

The only place to get the Psoriasis Strategy book is the official website. Originally costing $149, you can now get the Psoriasis Strategy pdf, at a discounted price of just $49.

However, be careful while you purchase the Psoriasis Strategy book , as there are many fake websites that use the same name and likeness to fool unsuspecting customers. There has been a rise in the number of such websites during the pandemic.

Don’t fall for websites that offer “Psoriasis Strategy full book pdf free download” or “Psoriasis Strategy video”. You can be sure that these websites will give you fraudulent pdf copies or videos, with false information that they have patched together.

These scamsters may be able to copy the cover pages of the ebook from the images available on the internet. But what really matters is what is inside the book. The Psoriasis Strategy is the result of personal experience and years of research and cannot be replicated.

So I suggest you take extra care and make sure you purchase the Psoriasis Strategy from the authentic website only. Use the link to the official website that I have shared in this review for your convenience, just to be sure.

Also note that this is a digital product. So you get instant access to the eBook once the payment is approved. However, be informed that no physical copies of the product will be sent to you.

Final Verdict on The Psoriasis Strategy

There are hundreds and hundreds of users apart from myself, who have found relief from psoriasis with the help of the Psoriasis Strategy book. From the various customer reviews I came across, it seems to have worked for people with all the different variations of the affliction. As such, this simple strategy could work for you too. The approach of tackling the trigger that causes psoriasis makes complete sense.

But don’t take my word for it. Just give it a try. You have nothing to lose, as you will be covered by a “60-day Money Back Guarantee”. If you don’t see enough results within 60 days of buying this program, then you can have your money back. It is a totally risk-free offer.

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