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Questions Loom Large On J&J Vaccine Rollout

A single-dose vaccine, if approved, will help a lot, say doctors.

Johnson & Johnson announced recently that it has 4000000 doses of its vaccine ready for supply upon receiving emergency use authorization. But as the decision is approaching, it is not clear when or where the company will supply those doses.

The White House did not reveal its plan with regard to Johnson & Johnson vaccine. But a close official revealed that it has worked a distribution plan in collaboration with the company.

The federal government is disappointed that the company failed to meet its expected target upon receiving authorization.

Questions Loom Large On J&J Vaccine Rollout

J&J says that it has 4000000 doses of vaccine ready to ship upon receiving emergency use authorization from the FDA. President Biden, however, asked the governors to expect a supply of 2000000 doses of the vaccine after authorization.

Health professionals and States are asking for more directions in this regard. But they have not received detailed instructions in the matter of the doses that are to come.

One among them told reporters that lack of information makes it difficult for those involved to be prepared when it arrives. They are unsure if they can add the number of doses into electronic records. They are even unable to decide if they should educate their staff on how to administer the jabs. 

Questions Loom Large On J&J Vaccine Rollout

An administrative official said that they did not reveal the distribution plan because the vaccine is waiting authorization. They don’t want to outsmart science.

Even then, some States and cities are making huge preparations to administer the single-dose vaccine. Most of them want to give priority to their most vulnerable groups. They also accept the fact that they don’t know how many doses they will receive.

According to one officer, Johnson & Johnson is about to be the difference maker. It is single-dose and is easier to store. It will supercharge their efforts in this direction, he added. Even he does not know how many doses will be available for his place. Still, he is quite positive about this development.

In spite of all this excitement, there are several steps before the single-dose vaccine is available in the country. The meeting of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee is scheduled for Friday.

It will review the data and recommend if the vaccine for emergency use authorization for those above 18 years of age. Upon authorization, CDC’s advisory committee on immunization practices recommends guidelines on how it should be used.

The recommendations include the age-group of the recipients and its schedule. In a general scenario, the director of CDC accepts the recommendations.

Afterwards, the vaccines can be distributed. They can get into the arms of the people as per the guidelines.

The only thing that remains unclear even today is where the federal government plans to send. States are also vague to what group of people it will be directed to.

An officer revealed in an email to a news channel that they expect that the concerned authority will offer clearer guidance in the matter.

Reporters asked the White House officials on the distribution plan of the vaccine. It said that it does not want to reveal anything before it is authorized.

It implies that the country will have to wait until the FDA completes its job and the ACIP finishes its work. All this goes in the spirit of the country’s philosophy, science should lead the way.

The White House, however, revealed that this week, upon emergency use authorization, the country can expect 2000000 doses of the J&J vaccine towards next week. 

Johnson & Johnson, in testimony before the House Committee, said that it has 4000000 doses of its vaccine ready to ship immediately upon receiving authorization.

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