Questions Raised Against The Working Of Federal Health Agencies In The USA 

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 29, 2022

According to reports during the COVID-19 pandemic, possible bioterrorism attacks, and even extreme weather disasters the mismanagement of the Federal health agency in the USA in handling the decisions is proving to be a headache for the normal people in the US.

Allegations are not put on any particular worker there but on the overall agency for failing in fulfilling the much-needed responsibilities they had during these pressure situations. 

Questions Raised Against The Working Of Federal Health Agencies In The USA 

Reports suggest that the Human Heath Services department of the USA has not been at its best while managing the critical problems created due to mass health problems which they are supposed to look after.

Questions Raised Against The Working Of Federal Health Agencies In The USA

These approaches are mainly questioned and their seriousness regarding the issues is questioned. These allegation does not bring on any added penalties for the agency but should raise the curiosity among lawmakers to look into the agency’s working procedure. 

What are the allegations or revelations from these reports? 

The report consists of public and public figure’s assessments on the allegations and they are as follows:-

  • The allegations start from mismanagement of supply chain, then it also says that there was a lack of communication between the Human Health Services and the federal and last but not the least they HHS has also been blamed for passing down confusing and inconsistent tips to the people leading in chaotic situations. 
  • The Government Accountability Office also stated that there was a total of 115 recommendations given to the Human Health Services but they fulfilled only 72 of them in 15 years. 
  • The Human Health Services had reported taking the matter lightly by taking a backseat in some emergency matters even when it were the doctors, scientists, service providers, and disease researchers were the ones on the field. 
  • According to Government Accountability Office the HHS has still not looked into resolving the supply chain problems such as the availability of diagnostic tests. 
  • There are questions raised about the HHS and its data collection along with its analysis. This resulted in officials realizing the pandemic situation on a late basis. 
  • The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention are discarded by the public nowadays because of its confusing way of communication with results in more undiscovered chaos. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is an HHS agency so things were proof for the HHS and its recent debacles. 
  • Even more than one federal agency has complained about their communication gaps and the unclear messages passed on by the Human Health Services during times of emergency. 

Who conducted these researches and created these reports  

The report was conducted by the Government Accountability Office, which is a watchdog agency of the government. Watchdog agencies are organizations responsible for making sure that companies or other organizations maintain standards and do not perform any illegal act. 

How did this come up now? 

It is pretty evident that these things were brought afloat after the research by the Government Accountability Office but it was already visible due to the recent global COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic made us see the shortcomings of the HHS. 

Some of the notable mentions are as follows:- 

  • Firstly during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic there was a time when no hospitals were available. If available then you had many people already in line for that. This shortcoming was quite evident. 
  • The CDC passed on some confusing suggestions during the pandemic while they sat on the backseat. 
  • Shortages of staff in hospitals leading to utter chaos and unrest in the country. Shortages were such that even the staff affected with COVID-19 had to join duty with the virus still in them. 
  • Shortage of hospital bed was again observed during the Omicron surge now. 
  • Omicron crossed all records to break the highest affected people record in the USA. 

Neither do the people nor does the government watchdog agencies seem satisfied with the way HHS and agencies under it like the CDC are working. Till now there are no penalties faced by the agency but if things go as they are going then there is a thing to worry about for the people of the USA. 

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