Racial Issues For Kids’ Vaccination As Well-Latest Reports

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 19, 2021

As per the latest data it has been found that Latino and Black kids are getting less vaccinated as opposed to other kids which is a troubling concern for the country.

Racial Issues For Kids’ Vaccination As Well-Latest Reports

As per CDC, not all states have made data available for the public based on age and race. Even though not much data is available doctors and health care professionals are asking people of another colour to get vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Racial Issues For Kids’ Vaccination

There are drives conducted in schools and special seminars are being held in public halls explaining on the importance of getting vaccinated.

Many of the political leaders believe that this is mostly due to work and transportation issues. Many of the parents do not get a day off from their employer or if they don’t have a mode of transport, it becomes hard for them to get their kids vaccinated.

However, this data is not true for all states. It has been observed that in Connecticut, Michigan, Washington more white kids have got vaccinated as compared to other races. But in New York, the white kids’ vaccination is lower in comparison to Latino, Asian and Black kids.

One of the core reasons for the difference in the vaccination among kids is their parent’s mistrust in the vaccine. There have been many rumors stating that if vaccination is taken it will make the child infertile.

However, this is not true as many doctors and health care professionals stated that the same vaccine is given to adults and no such issues were observed. If the vaccines caused infertility, then the birth rate should be getting lower, but since the start of the year, the birth rate has been going up.

Zachary Colon a parent stated that she is not getting their child vaccinated because she believes that FDA approved the vaccine too quickly. She stated that more research should be conducted as this is being given to children and they are quite young.

Leslie Torres who is the dean of Hartford schools stated that if children are not getting vaccinated then they could get the virus. And if that happens, they will miss the school putting their academic records in trouble. Also, if a student is not vaccinated, they need to test themselves for covid and can only come back if they are found negative.

In Washington, it has been observed that only 50% black population has been vaccinated in comparison to their white counterparts. This is a troubling situation, and the health department states that they can’t make it forceful and getting vaccination is the people`s choice.

Seattle is seeing good vaccination rates among all the races as they have started a mobile vaccination center. Health care professionals are going door to door to vaccinate people. This might be a long and tiresome process but it is getting good reviews as more and more people are coming forward for this. People feel more secure in their homes and getting kids vaccinated at their known environment is much easier than at the hospitals.

Another major reason why parents are not ready for kids’ vaccination is that if there is any side effect, they will have to take 2 to 3 days off which they can’t afford. Many of the companies are providing paid leaves for their employees for taking care of kids’ vaccination, but not all companies. This is also affecting kids’ vaccination rates.

Biden administration stated that more vaccination tents are being deployed to remote areas as well with added resources. Pharmacies are seeing more demand for vaccines as people have started stocking them up.

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