Racism In Covid Times – Impact On The Black Community!

Racism is not new to the United States, and it has taken a new face during the coronavirus pandemic. There is severe unrest in the United States, and protests are going on everywhere against atrocities committed by the law enforcement team on black civilians. The Black Lives Matter movement is getting good support from all over the world, and this has hit the country hard during the COVID 19 pandemic situation. The demonstrations in recent times have drawn the attention of millions of people across the globe and once again the point black and white has been in debate. Though as per the experts it is more of sentimental than political the menace of differentiation has been the skin color only rather than political. There is no denial of the fact that many lives have been affected because of the demonstration in different cities, and states will have to strive hard to make the routine once again. Let us analyze the political angle and emotional angle attached to this issue in this article.

Racism In Covid Times – Impact On The Black Community!

Media has a vast role in this matter which is valued by experts as per their own opinion. When you follow the news shown on popular media, you only get a part of the real picture. The real issue is far more complex than what it appears on the surface. Experts are of the opinion that racial discrimination is hitting the black community hard in this pandemic situation. While the government is doing its best to avoid publishing data related to COVID 19 cases, experts point out several interesting things about mortality rate based on ethnicity.

Racism In Covid Times - Impact On The Black Community!

The black community accounts for a significant population in the United States, and there is no evidence with regard to the race and sex of the patients provided COVID 19 treatment. But, it is generally assumed that more than half of the COVID 19 deaths are happening in poor communities. This is true across the world, and the United States is no exception to this fact.

Even after so many months, the government is hesitant to release data about the gender and race of COVID 19 patients. The only available data is about the mortality and patients recovered from coronavirus pandemic. But scientists and research groups believe that this has severely affected the black community and they account for a large percentage of deaths in the United States during this pandemic.

Independent research by advocacy groups and scientists have confirmed the fact that black Americans, along with Latin Americans and other minority communities, have been neglected during this crisis situation. This is happening all over the world, and the rich communities are somehow able to manage the pandemic with proper and timely healthcare options. On the other hand, the poor community is not able to get a timely diagnosis and other treatment facilities leading to a large number of casualties.

Recently, the study done by Yale researchers indicates that black Americans are three times more likely to die from this pandemic than other communities. The Latin community is likely to suffer twice the number of deaths when compared to white Americans. This single statistic shows how racial discrimination is still persisting in this era. Experts believe that this has got nothing to do with genes or other medical issues. The biggest reason for such high mortality rates among the marginalized community is the lack of adequate health care services at the early stage. This leaves them vulnerable to chronic infections and causes more deaths in the community. It also increases the rate of infection among the other members of the community when timely medical care is not provided through quarantine and other methods.

The mortality rate is significantly higher in the black community when compared to their share of the population in the country. According to reports, their mortality rate is nearly double their population share. This is the general average across the country, and it is staggeringly higher in some states. In Kansas, black people are 7 times likely to die from this virus when compared to white people. Similarly, in Washington, the rate is 6 times higher. In this regard, it can be safely assumed that there is some disparity in providing medical services based on race and ethnicity.

Research professionals who analyze social and behavioral sciences believe that every pandemic affects the marginalized community in the same way, and COVID 19 is no different. There is an apparent disparity in the way community healthcare services are offered in the country, and coronavirus has only reaffirmed this fact in recent times.

One of the biggest factors that lead to this disparity is the low socioeconomic status of the black community. The federal reserve board data for the year 2016 clearly shows that black households have 10 pennies of wealth for every one dollar of wealth in white households. This drastically affects the black community in terms of accessing primary healthcare services. It puts them at a larger risk of chronic illness, and their mortality rate will be higher for every pandemic.

Apart from that, poor households live in small places that do not allow social distancing norms. As they live in clustered houses, it becomes next to impossible to practice social distancing with other neighbors. All these factors also impact the rate of infection, and this is also another important factor that leads to higher mortality rates.

Due to their socioeconomic status and other factors, they are also likely to get affected by other diseases like heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, etc. This explains the existence of comorbid conditions in such patients that lead to a higher mortality rate during COVID 19 pandemics.

Along with that, access to a quality healthcare system is not easy and cost-effective for the black community. All these factors have led to increased support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and coronavirus is just the trigger point for all these protests. The inequalities have existed for hundreds of years, and this pandemic has only highlighted the injustice done to the black community.

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