Raise Of Dilemma On Childhood Trauma

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 12, 2021

In this COVID-19 pandemic, there is an ongoing complicated situation where an opportunity is taken by the congress member for addressing the severity of the situation on childhood trauma. The responsibility is taken by the congress member to solve the situation with some raised factors.

Raise Of Dilemma On Childhood Trauma

Representative Ayanna Pressley, long ago had laughed loud on this childhood trauma situation when a council member in Boston, she started a serious discussion and impacts on trauma circumstances with state of affairs as she was one of the council’s members, she was discouraged on the topic which she had raised.

Raise Of Dilemma On Childhood Trauma

On this note, Massachusetts democracy had stated that “childhood trauma is a pervading factor where people looks and thoughts are kind of quizzical which can’t be understood for us as they tended to be a stereotypic behavior to minimize the circumstances which are being impacted”. 

According to a survey a final report had stated that, COVID-19 pandemic had swept out the country in the year 2020 and where the effect is gradually increasing but not decreasing. More than 50 million students were remained at home due to shutting down the schools.

These millions of children have relied on needy supplies for their livelihood like; shelter, food, safety, care, mental and physical health. Many parents also suffered without any work and remained unemployed which created a huge crisis on their mental state of health. 

Boston, the council member said that “the roots of all the trauma had worsened the many lives” the factors which had mainly affected are food insecurity, unemployment, being unhoused, increasing in poverty, and exposure to domestic violence where these all factors were exacerbated the current situations.

Pressley then seriously announced “devasting confirmation” for mentally challenged people who are into depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety. This program was done at the onset of the pandemic. To bring out children from this great trauma there should be remote classes conducted to bring out from their unusual thoughts which may force them to be in trauma. A good support system environment should be created around children.

Congressmen and women had raised many funds on the pandemic situation about $460 million. Pressley’s goal is to hand over the funds under public health departments where all the goals and programs can be covered under the raised amount that includes; food, housing, and other medical treatments.

A congresswoman said that “I’m inspired and being encouraged by the awareness which was increasing among people” on this note analytical reports were published from the civil rights and educational rights department to stop the sweeping of childhood trauma.

In a recent survey, up to 43,000 children had lost their parents due to COVID-19, this had affected with a great force on children. 34 percent of children are noticed on losing their parent. As a result of this pandemic, many children are facing multiple traumas are reported by the researchers.

According to the underscored statements, many students are suffered from mental illness and traumas with challenges. This has harmed the regular access of teachers and educational organizations very badly. This pandemic also increased the risk of sexual harassment, violence, and abuse.

By the circumstances of this pandemic, Pressley had preferred to decide on a permanent funding stream for the students and children. This program is all about healing the mental stability situations to find a key for the childhood trauma strategy for the result of robust recovery

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