For Raising Computer Chip Production In US White House Passes The Bill

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 7, 2022

Recently a bill has passed to boost up the production of computer chips. A computer chip can also be called an integrated circuit or you can also say a small wafer of semiconductor material that is embedded or coated with integrated circuitry. Integrated circuitry is an electronic device that comprises numerous functional elements like transistors, resistors, condensers, and many different kinds of functional elements.

For Raising Computer Chip Production In US White House Passes The Bill

Democrats or you can say people who are fighting for a better future in the nation started this topic through legislation in the house on Friday that, the United States should compete with China on the global as well as an economic stage with the help by growing the domestic semiconductor industry and also supporting these distorted supply chains.

For Raising Computer Chip Production In US White House Passes The Bill

Lastly, the bill passed regarding the production of computer chips with a vote of 222-210. Criticizing China is now being supported by two parties and it has become a playbook in Washington. All the republicans blamed the measures as toothless and also a shortcoming of something to hold the country accountable for a range of economic as well as human rights actions.

Huge Investment is needed to boost semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. as a total of 3, 000-page bills in which amendments are not included have been added this week. The big-ticket items include about $52 billion in grants and subsidies to help the semiconductor industry. And also $45 billion so that it can strengthen the supply chains for high-tech products. Some of the priorities were tucked in by some of the Democrats that led to the concern of Republican parties. Those concerns were related to cost and scope. There was only one Republican to vote for the measure and that was Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois on the other hand, there was one republican that voted against it and that was Rep. Stephanie Murphy of Florida. 

The bill that has been passed includes funds to help the developing countries to adjust the climate change and that is of $8 billion, $3 billion of funds was given to the U.S. for the facilities so that they can be less dependent on Chinese solar components, in the fund it was also included to give funding for the unemployment and it was for $4 billion so that it can help the communities with significantly higher unemployment than the national average, to stockpile drugs and medical equipment it has been funded $10.5 billion for states.   

Computer chips can also be called microprocessors which are made by using a process called lithography (it is a process in which paintings are made on stone and are fixed with the help of chemical reaction. So, basically, when computer chips are made, deep ultraviolet lithography is used to make the latest breed of microchips and this process is also used to make mostly the chips that are used inside the computer. Computer chips are made on small flat pieces of silicon.

An American politician named Nancy Pelosi said on the passing of the bill that the bill we are talking about is the jobs bill, a bill for manufacturing in America and also manufacturing in America.

Democrats got a chance to address the voter’s concerns related to the economy when there was a time when due to the shortage of computer chips led to an increase in the price of all the automobiles, electronics, as well as medical devices due to the bill. 

Republicans have inscribed Democrats for months due to the inflation and also panned the measure as toothless and short of what is needed to blame or to hold China accountable for a range of economic as well as human rights actions. They even added that it would waste the taxpayer dollars on initiatives taken for the environment and also for different unnecessary programs. 

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