A Real-Life Story Of Mental Toll: After Two Heart Valve Surgeries

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 22, 2021

Ever heard of a defective mitral valve? Here’s all you need to know. Ivan Hernandez, a baby with a faulty mitral valve, was warned by the doctors that he could need surgery at any time. But surprisingly, he never needed any of those surgeries until his annual echocardiogram in 2014. Ivan grew up with a healthy lifestyle.

A Real-Life Story Of Mental Toll: After Two Heart Valve Surgeries

He played a wide range of sports, developing an adoration for wellness. As a grown-up, he at times practiced double. He routinely took part in intense cardio exercises and other limited exercises.

A Real-Life Story Of Mental Toll: After Two Heart Valve Surgeries

In his 30’s, things turned upside down; Hernandez was typing out content to an associate when the specialist said, “Permit me to get the specialist.” He was determined to have a serious mitral valve spewing forth. The issue stressed his heart, made it grow bigger. The valve must be precisely fixed with the help of various surgeries. Ivan believes that he did almost everything to avoid this.

Heart valve sickness can grow rapidly or over an extensive stretch, and individuals may not encounter side effects until the status is progressed. Symptoms may include windedness, chest torment, exhaustion, dazedness or swooning, fever, fast weight acquire or an unpredictable heartbeat. 

Being fit as a fiddle, Ivan had never encountered any such things and healed rapidly from the medical procedure. In no time, he had returned to his normal timetable and exercises. After four years, He was again going through a normal echocardiogram, and the expert halted to counsel the specialist. 

The fixed valve had fizzled, and he required a substitution. All of this left him in total disbelief, he sought four various specialists to hear the second point of view, yet they all agreed he required the medical procedure. For him recovering was more like a challenge this time.

He was taking the ER constantly, thinking something wasn’t right with his heart and is about to detonate. Ivan hushed up about his feelings of trepidation, to some degree since he always felt the pressing social factor that men ought to never show shortcoming. He quit driving since he stressed over having a health-related crisis in the vehicle.

Subsequent to getting woozy out traveling to the supermarket, he moved to basic food item conveyance. He stayed away from social exercises. Hernandez was later diagnosed with agoraphobia and PSTD issues. It originated more from his heart issues.

Ezequiel, his father, got a heart stroke and surgeries in his 40’s. Hernandez eventually discovered in his way into guiding, reflection, and another partner recommended by a specialist: Desi, a Labrador. He said, rather than awakening and stressing over his heart, he holds Desi all up to his chest and embraces him. The diversion from his heart focusing on him was extraordinary. 

Physically, Hernandez took around 9 months following the medical procedure to get back his activities. It required an additional 9 months to make him get to himself. He stated, at last, he found himself mixed up with an attitude of allowing his heart to recuperate itself. When he intellectually reached that point, all that began to unravel and alright.

Hernandez lived in NY when he got his first medical procedure done and Los Angeles during the second. At some point, he may require another valve surgery; however, he feels better being prepared.

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