Recalling Of Some At-Home Test Kits

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 7, 2021

The At-Home Covid-19 test kits have been recalled by the manufacturer, who is the test kit maker, Ellume, as it has been reporting false-positive test results, which means, people were being said they are positive, by the test kit, when they are not.

The tests were witnessed to ship to the United States retailers and various other distributors from April, going through August. The company mentioned 427,000 tests were identified in the recall and almost 200,000 were unused.

Recalling Of Some At-Home Test Kits

The manufacturer, Illume stated that the tests from those batches might provide false-positive test results, at a rate way more than seen by the researchers in the clinical testing He also mentioned that it will email individuals who have used the test kit and those who received a positive test result in the past two weeks.

Recalling Of Some At-Home Test Kits

The test suggested that individuals who did not schedule another test to confirm if they have been infected by the virus must do it soon.

It has been mentioned by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Tuesday that whoever has been receiving positive test results, through the At-Home test kit, must make sure they inform the care provider or the urgent care location and request for a molecular diagnostic test.

The test kit has not been appearing to affect the negative test results from these tests hence the problem is rooted down to a manufacturing defect.

42,000 test kits have been used and have been producing positive test results, accurate and false, both, as per Elume who the manufacturer of this product is. Hence, that says about 1% of the 3.5 million test kits and tests, the company has shifted to the US.

Such false information, created by the test kit, brought in many issues, which were directly put on the health care systems. More patients meant more beds and meant more panic. This defect by the manufacturer of the test kit is a bad example of emergency management. The pandemic has already been putting extreme pressure on the systems and such false reports cause more panic than ever.

States in the USA are experiencing a drastic increase in infection, infecting people, once again. There has been a rise in cases, and many states and their villages are not able to manage the situation filled with more infected people and fewer beds to serve. Calls have been made and few beds have been arranged, but no country or state, or continent requires another wave. Most of the countries have been trying to do their best at controlling the pandemic and things are seen to be getting back to normal, but the pandemic has not come to an end, mind you. It is still contagious, dangerous, and we are all still prone to getting infected.

Many citizens in the US have still not been able to convince themselves for the vaccination and the country includes many unvaccinated individuals. Such a decision only adds up to the problem. Until we do not have every individual in the country vaccinated, nobody can expect the pandemic to end. We should not leave one loophole for the virus to multiply. Until the country is not vaccinated, and until we do not follow the pandemic guidelines, we are still at risk.

The spread of the delta variant has also been in the picture for a while and yet we have some people walking around without their masks as if we are living in an environment so pure and safe. The seriousness has still not spread among some people, but the worrisome fact is that hospitals are not able to manage the condition pretty easily. It has been a hard time for the health care industry as the fake positive test results have also been pouring in through home test kits, creating chaos in the medical industry, mixing it up with those who genuinely are infected by the virus.

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