Redo Of Healer Season 2 Has Been Announced!! Has The Show Been Renewed At This Point?

Redo Of Healer Season 2 Has Been Announced!! Has The Show Been Renewed At This Point

According to this anime, those magicians with healing power could not fight, but the main character doesn’t feel the same about it.

He thinks healing magic is the most extraordinary, and its potential is unseen. 

Season 2 Of Redo Of Healer Is Here! Has The Show Been Renewed?

After suffering cruelty from the royal people and losing everything, he decided to become the strongest person, so he redid the time and went back four years back to when everything started. 

Redo Of Healer Season 2  Has Been Announced!! Has The Show Been Renewed At This Point

Plot for season 2

The title of the last episode of the first season is “The Healer”. The nation’s King issued an order to apprehend Keyarga to stop his wrath. In the meantime, Keyarga has determined to develop some empathy for the women who have entered his life. 

Nonetheless, he was set on exacting vengeance on Bullet for previously abusing his body. And the story of his vengeance will be continued in season 2.

According to online reviews, the anime garnered a mixed response from critics, owing to the anime’s significant quantity of sexual sequences.

On the other side, some viewers saw many benefits in the show, such as a brutal and intriguing plot, high-quality animation, and the protagonist’s motivation.

Release date of season 2

There has been no word on the release of Redo Of Healer’s second season. However, if the creators are willing to deal with the criticism, a release date might be set shortly.

Fans can now expect production to begin in the early months of 2022. If that occurs, the animation job will be finished in a year. 

As a result, by the early months of 2023, fans may be able to catch a preview of this mature series. Between the spring and summer of 2023, there will be a release.

The cast of season 2

The production is going to sign a well-known voice actor for the job, and many of the previous voice actors who worked in season 1 are also going to work just like:

  • Yuya Hosumi was the voice actor of the show’s main character, “keyagura.”
  • Ayona Shibuya, voice actor of Friea character. 
  • Shizuka ishigami gives voice to Setsuna’s character. 
  • Mami Fujita was the voice actor for the character “blade.”
  • Tetsu Inada, the voice actor of the Bullet character. 

Renewal status of season 2

While Animoon delayed the series until it was on the edge of being canceled, other services refused to air it on a significant network.

When the light book initially came out, a similar situation was uncovered. Even

There has been no official word on whether or not Redo the Healer will return for a second season as of the last update.

The series was last seen in March 2021, according to enthusiasts. The series’ creators haven’t spoken about the sequel since then. 

The number of disputes that the series got itself into was one of the main reasons for the protracted delay in its release.

Like the other ecchi and harem anime posted on the public platform, this anime drew a lot of criticism for its inappropriate material.

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