Release Date For Episode 7 Of The Dawn Of The Witch! Is It Really A Month Late?


The most current magical girl anime is The Dawn of The Witch. The creators delivered some bad news just as viewers were becoming immersed in the plot.

The Official Release Date For The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 7 Has Been Pushed Back

That’s right; there’s a disturbing message about the anime’s postponement. The official release date for The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 7 has been pushed back.

The Dawn Of The Witch

The new release date is also far later than the original. So there you have it: everything you need to know about the upcoming date.

It’s a Kakeru Kobashiri-written and-illustrated Japanese fantasy light book series with Yoshinori Shizuma’s character designs.

Beginning in July 2019, Tatsuwo’s manga adaptation will be featured in Kodansha’s Shnen manga magazine Monthly Shnen Sirius.

Satoshi Kuwabara will direct the anime, which will be produced by Tezuka Productions, and will also write the screenplays for the series.

The original writer, Kakeru Kobashiri, and Mayumi Morita are credited with the writing, while Reina Iwasaki contributes character designs and Tatsuhiko Saiki composes the soundtrack.

Is Episode 7 Of The Dawn Of The Witch Being Postponed For A Month?

The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 7 has been postponed, according to TBS’s official website. Only four episodes of the anime had been released as of this writing.

The reason for the postponement has been provided by the creators without even announcing the episode’s title or summary. On the other hand, fans have begun to urge Studio Tezuka Productions for answers.

Release Date For The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 7

The show’s creators have revealed the official release date for the seventh episode. The episode was supposed to air on May 19, 2022, however it was postponed.

However, it has been postponed by one week. Episode 7 of The Dawn Of The Witch has been delayed for May 26, 2022, in the month’s final week.

The Witch Plot’s Beginning

Saybil, the main protagonist of this fantasy and adventure anime, enrols at the Kingdom of Wenias’ Royal Academy of Magic.

He has no memories of his life before to enrolling in the Academy, however.

As part of his training, Albus, the Headmaster, takes him to the continent’s southern parts. Roux Cristasse, the Witch of the Dawn, joins him on his quest to understand the mysteries of ancient magic from the “Grimoire of Zero.”

This grimoire is a forbidden book of magic written by Zero, Holtz, the bright girl, and Kudd, the school’s lone beast. This search leads to additional adventures and discoveries, broadening the plot’s scope.


A five-hundred-year battle has erupted. The war between the witches and the church is claimed to have ended in peace during this time period. However, the threat of war looms large.

How Many More Episodes Of The Dawn Of The Witch Are There?

Between April 8, 2022, and June 24, 2022, 12 episodes of The Dawn Of Witch will be shown. A new episode will be released every Thursday at 2:00 a.m. JST.

So far, that’s all we know. Keep an eye out for updates on The Dawn of the Witch.

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